The positive side of aging

Found an article that I think will make any of you that think you are old, or have been told you are old – feel much better! I read this in AARP Magazine this last month.

Being older means (in part):

“You’re a better judge of character. The proof: In tests at North Carolina State University, older folks outperformed younger participants in determining whether people were honest and intelligent.”

“Your brain is more efficient. The proof: Duke University researchers discovered that older individuals use the brain’s right and left hemispheres at the same time (typically the brain uses the left for some tasks, and the right for others.)”

“In effect, the mature brain creates a synergy that helps it think outside the box” says Gene Cohen, M.D. Ph.D. author of The Mature Mind.

“You’re less neurotic than you used to be. The proof: Australian scientists found that neuroticism was less prevalent in subjects ages 50-79. Brain scans also revealed a more controlled response to fear. The experts’ theory: A growing awareness of mortality and a desire for meaning mellows the mind.”


There are “up-sides” to growing old. The one that means the very most to me is that I am still alive! If I wasn’t growing older I’d be dead for sure!

One Response to “The positive side of aging”

  1. suburbanlife Says:

    Hope you are feeling better.
    And thanks for this, it’s reassuring.
    I think i need to send you my recipes for Poached pears, and for Baked Apples, since I can’t directly cook them for you and yours because of geography. We shut-ins must pull together, eh? G

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