Can you tell me why?

First, my hope is President elect Obama is as wonderful as he presents himself. I hope he is the great hope for America for real.

But now I want to ask a question that may seem silly. WHY IS OBAMA A BLACK MAN? He is half white and half African so why he is not considered as much a white man? Or – indeed (he did call himself a
mutt) – a half breed? There is no mention of his “whiteness” – it was white grandparents who reared him, after all. Is it because he is dark skinned – or that being a African American makes his election a first of it’s kind. Trust me, I have no problem with his white mother and African father. I often think a mix of races makes more beautiful children. As a matter of fact – I have a stunning little granddaughter that is half white and half Filipino…..and she is absolutely beautiful. So when I say half-breed, I mean no disrespect at all.

Any thoughts?

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14 Responses to “Can you tell me why?”

  1. Heavenly Says:

    I can answer that. Lets say that Barack Obama was regular Joe Schmo walking down the street. You know nothing about him not his name, not his age, where he went to school, where he works, or any kind of background.

    I then ask you to describe him. Are you telling race would not be one of your description?

    With out the details that we learned about Obama over the pass two years (or when ever you found out about him) in society he is clearly seen as a black man.

    I would like to also say that there are a lot of people who look completely white, but are actually mixed with something other than white, but society likes to place people in categories like man/woman, gay/straight, Black/White/Hispanic/Asian/etc just by appearance.

  2. Marsha O'Brien Says:

    Heavenly – thank you so very much for your response and thoughts. DUH!
    I don’t know why I didn’t think of that – you are absolutely right! I am a white mutt myself :). You are sharp. It is true you just can’t tell so many things by
    appearance. Thanks again!

  3. Tammy Says:

    I agree with Heavenly. My cousin has the same type of hair as someone that is born of African American descent. She was teased all of her school life because everyone thought she was adopted.

    She wasn’t, my Dad’s side of the family are true Americans they are a mix of all races. But many would consider her to be black although she was born from 2 light skinned people and she is what you would consider light herself. People label and that’s why our new President is African American, although he is both. 🙂

    Hope your having a great weekend!

  4. sanjiwan Says:

    I do have my own point of view regarding this.
    As the history stands as evidence , the Africans were long age made the means of trade by some whites ,and they were not even considered as human being ,let alone their rights as a human.All the whites should acknowledge this and be sorry.
    Obama`s victory may be an answer for the injustice long ago.
    Anyway, civilization has come a long way since then, yet some of we still think of colour. It doesn`t really matter. what matters is that America has got the right person at its disposal.

    sanjiwan pradhan
    Dharampur 9 saptary ,Nepal


  5. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    I do know the history, as well. However – that was long ago, and not ALL whites were to blame. It was the love of money and those
    who traded in human lives that were to blame. Believe me, ALL whites I know are sorry for the horrific treatment…of any human being.
    But I do not take the history to heart as MY fault. Colour does not matter. We all bleed, we all love (hopefully), and we all make terrible
    mistakes in this lifetime!

    My husband pointed out only one thing about the trade long ago that might be of benefit for some. He said, “Well maybe for some Africans and their families down the line – at least they are now in a country where there is opportunity and and hope.” So many Africans who were left behind are going through hell right now on many levels. Of course –

    THERE IS NEVER a reason good enough to warrant what happened then. Are you familiar with the history of our own American Indians? Some humans (those to blame for atrocities) should never have been born in my opinion. Also, just FYI – ALL white people are not racist. Only the stupid ones who have not stepped into another man’s shoes…..The love of money has been the beginning of so many travesties in this world.

    Thank you for your thoughts. We all hope Obama will be the man who keeps his promises and makes so great changes!

  6. sanjiwan Says:

    Dear ,Marsha
    By now , you may be aware that I am from Nepal,a south Asian country,situated between India and China.Let me tell you more about me,Iwas born and brought up in an unfriquented village called “Dharampur“and in the name of property, my father had a dusty hovel that would leak in the rainy season.I even remember the nights when I ,together with my younger brother, would shift our bed hither and thither just to escape the rain till we were completely wet. But even in such state of poverty ,we did not take it otherwise ,rather we enjoyed every bit of it and I do believe people from this background do not intentionally hurt others and so do I.
    I didnot mean to hurt the feelings of the whites and,as I feel, you shoud not take it offece to. It was just my point of view and there is a valid reason why I think this way.
    Long ago , when I was the student of class five,there came a visitor in my village from England .He was in suit with a white cap or hat on his head. He talked strange language (I mean, it was English and as I did not know much, it seemed strange to me);he talked terribly fast.There was only one person in the entire village who could answer and underdstand him . He was an engineer ,and the very gentleman requested the foreigner to stay in his house ,as there was none who could help him out.

    He stayed there for three or four days and during that period of time we became friends as I would visit the enginner`s house for the free tuition he offered.On his (foreigner) departure , he gave me a book full of pictures.It was the very book that introduced me with the human trade.

    In the book , there I saw horrifying picture of a white man standing near a sheshore and beside him there were some black people ; all were chained, interconnected with rope ;with their body bleeding as hell;with heavy logs on their shoulders.But indifferent to all this, the white with a cane in his hand was (perhaps whipping them for no reason and no faults of their own) with terribe grimace gesturing towards the ship.

    later, as I became more educated, the picture told me everything about the trade; I did not have to refer to many books . The picture expressed the meaning of a thousand words.I ,however ,studied a bit of what the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade was .Anyway,I believe you too know about it.
    Lastly, I dont say that all the whites shoud be sorry but at least they should
    tap into their conscience and should not repeat it in any form.
    I also would like to comment for what your husband once said.
    He might have said what he felt. But offering opportunities does not ,in anyway, nurse the wound of the past.

  7. Frank TALKER Says:

    The answer is that because White Culture is endemically racist, the less respected aspect of Barack Obama’s origins will tend to mitigate the more socially-acceptable side. Another way of saying this is that despite the many good things Hitler did for his country, it is the murder of six million Jews for which he is remembered. The bad always outweighs the good, even if – as in this case – there is nothing bad in being Black.

  8. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Sanjiwan, thank you for writing again. You are an excellent writer and I was able to visualize your situation with clarity. I certainly understand where you were coming from on this. Of course, I agree – no human being should be slave to another and treated so inhumanly. I am sickened at the horrible things that happen all around the world. This was terrible and hence, the Civil War, to make the changes necessary in this country and end slavery. I cannot believe with all the technology and advances man has created, that we still cannot love one another-regardless of race! As I said, from within we are ALL the same. I had nothing to do with my skin color when I was born…..nor does any man. We can pray things like this lessen as we learn to love with no prejudgments about each other. Humans have a tendency to judge color, size, gender, culture, and particularly how much money a person has in this life. It is terrible. I agree totally. By the way, of course the offering opportunities does not nurse wounds of the past – and my husband is aware of that, as I am. In my last paragraph I did state there is NEVER a reason good enough to warrant what happened. We
    can only hope and pray these types of incidents diminish as man learns to truly love one another – and we can only hope that happens before we destroy all human kind on this planet by our petty thoughts and horrible actions! Keep in touch-I appreciate your thoughts and you taking the time to share. I am sure others will find your writing very interesting too.

  9. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Morning Frank. I agree “many” in the white culture are racist, but in my lifetime I have known more who are NOT than those who are. Perhaps I am fortunate enough to be in contact with those who aren’t racist. I must say though, I have also known members of the black community who are racist against whites, and Mexicans who are racists against whites, and whites who are racist against Mexicans, and Irish who are ….blah blah blah….you know what I mean. We humans JUDGE one another and I have seen horrible AND wonderful examples of all types of humans. I wish I could change the heart of the world. You are correct. The bad always outweighs the good.
    But I will NEVER believe that there isn’t millions of good people of all colors who do not judge. I think, through all the bad, and all the media presenting the horrible stories, that there is a quiet majority of good people who just live life in their own world. I think the United States peoples, with all it’s diversity in cultures and races , proves over and over again, when there is crisis – Americans pull together no matter what. I just wish, as I mentioned to Sanjiwan, we could all learn to love one another – PERIOD! Did you happen to see the unbelievable production of bodies revealed? It showed the inner self by displaying vascular systems, brains, the organs, etc. of humans who gave their bodies when they died, to show what we look like inside! Without our skins we are pretty much made of the same stuff! It was amazing. Thanks for your input Frank!
    Appreciate it. (I had to look up endemically – love new words) 🙂

  10. sanjiwan Says:

    I am glad to know that I was interacting with a writer .Tell me something about you ,and believe me that will bring us a bit closer.I do not even know where are u from and, sorry to say, you did not even bother to take the pain. Anyway, I am sure u r a wonderful human being or rather I know it:your writing simply explains it .
    Sanjiwan Pradhan
    Dharampur-9 ,Saptary, Nepal

  11. Marsha O'Brien Says:

    I am happily married to my best friend. He is to me – a great man. We are of modest means, but our life style is, I am sure, is better than MANY people in the world, and I am grateful every day to my God.

    I have three children and six grandchildren-what a blessing. I love to kayak and hike and enjoy the still beautiful earth. I love to write and take photos. I am healthy, have an extremely high energy level, love all my fellow human beings, and think if we could love like we have gone forth in other areas, the world would be a finer place. I have a big old
    German Shepard-Wolf dog, and he is a good friend too.

    I have high hopes our new president will be as great as he seems, and hope someday the people of the world will know the “common people — the workers of the USA” are
    decent people who REALLY do care about all the trials of those here and AROUND the WORLD. We, as a people, have many freedoms, but individually we have very little power to change the corrupt actions of those who control the MONEY. I truly believe if the common man here COULD, he or she WOULD care for any person in need.

    Though we have more than most – it costs more than most in the world – so basic dwellings take any extra you might think we have.

    My heart breaks for those in need and pain.I have a broken leg and had to have surgery. It is healing, and it is nothing compared to the pain of so many peoples around the world.

    I write to serve (I hope), and sometimes for fun. I cared for my mother until she died and my first book is how to care for an ailing parent and make everyone happy for those last years-and how to recover from their passing. I am a personal fitness trainer and I specialize in stress management and relaxation techniques. I produced a CD with three relaxations on it – because of the persistence of my students over the years. My children’s stories have positive lessons and are fun for the person who reads them. We need to
    teach our children better than we are doing, in my opinion. They need morals and need to learn to say thank you, and be kind, and love one another.

    My calendars and photo books were put together to hopefully share the beautiful surroundings I am fortunate enough to enjoy….hoped those who can’t get to these places would
    like them. Of course I NEED to make money, but in order to really do that one needs to hire an agent or pay for lots of advertising. I can’t do either right now as my husband has
    been laid off and my work is my writing and photography – not too many people are buying anything right now. The times here are the most difficult economically than I can
    remember in my life. I feel the middle class, the lower middle class and the poor are going to be the ones suffering even more, and it breaks my heart for that too! I truly believe the love of money is the root of all evil.

    Well, Sanjiwan, I guess I shared a bit of me and my thoughts! 🙂 Hope you like getting to know me too. My husband said that is why I am a writer – instead of a sentence, I write 16 pages! 🙂

    Have a WONDERFUL day, and I hope to read some of your writing soon. I really will look forward to it! Blessings to you and those in your circle of life!

  12. sanjiwan Says:

    Marsha I have posted something on my blug and hope to have your comment on it. Pls guide me in writing . I wish to improve it.

  13. sanjiwan Says:

    Good mornig Marsha,
    just type sanjiwan word there u will find my blug with my first entry .Plese examine it and leave your comment .
    I authorise u to edit it and send me if u wish to .
    have a nice life ahead.

  14. sanjiwan pradhan Says:

    Well Marsha, you seem to busy.Anyway I studied almost all the work you did on word press and got some idea for my first novel “Nafar“.You may be surprised by the word , its the word of Arabic origin which closely means “the people at large“.I have tried to relate to them and say their story of big dreams that remains a dream forever. It will surely bring a bit of fame , for I believe in me . I am very busy at the moment researching on it , going through alot of books and visiting the siniors. I sometimes feel confused for I am just 28.

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