Think about this – carefully!

I have been using crutches now for a while, but last week my left arm (from above elbow almost
to wrist) became numb. No pain. Then a couple of days ago I picked up the coffee pot and almost
dropped it. My wrist or forefinger and thumb, or a combination, just could not hold the weight of the coffee pot. My physical therapist thought it might be a pinched nerve from putting more weight on the left side, the injury side, and he suggested we change height of crutches. We did.

No change yet except today I hobbled around trying to use less crutch, more cane or walker….no change.

Well, perhaps one. Worse. It is my fault as I decided today to cook, and being left-handed, I used it to chop a tons of veggies, lettuce, etc. and I also made spaghetti and filling for burritos. Everything required chop-chop, and I do it myself, therein – worsening my arm, wrist and hand. Oh well…here’s the deal: I KNEW it wouldn’t help, but opted to do it anyway…….the theme of this post reflects that decision.

If you KNOW something is wrong, could cause injury, or even be out of your philosophical realm (and that is IMPORTANT) – DON’T DO IT!


Don’t justify “why” you are doing it, don’t do it!!!! Be smarter than I was today. My pain will pass, but if you step over the line of your own rules and morals……….you will be the one to pay, and for YEARS, I promise! It’s not a good thing.

Stick to YOUR life and don’t bend to another’s if it’s immediately questionable in your mind! No matter what, it won’t be worth doing it! I promise.

I also promise to be wiser tomorrow for myself. Have a wonderful evening (or morning, or afternoon).

6 Responses to “Think about this – carefully!”

  1. suburbanlife Says:

    Really good advice Marsha – one that I need to heed, myself.
    Sorry to hear you are having such a crappy time of it. No more chopping vegies – you hear – you might have a make your own salad night instead – have your husband do the chopping and prepping, wrapping burritos – even, steel yourself!!! Hand feed you your dinner. WHY? Because you deserve it!! Hugs! G

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Thank you for your love and concern! It was just an off day, and I do allow myself one of those every once in a while – venting helps! 🙂 Went to therapy today-not carpal tunnel – just pinched shoulder nerves from crutches, walker, etc. So I am
    now down to one crutch…use it on the opposite side and therapist said problem should diminish! No worries. No chopping veggies today, I promise. I have to admit, my hubby is awesome about helping and it was totally my doing as he would have done it. I just wanted to help. Duh – slow down silly!

  3. sanjiwan Says:

    Sorry to know , may you have a long life with soundness of health.

  4. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Thank you for your kind wishes for me. As an update, I am so much better!
    No crutches, and better each day!

  5. sanjiwan pradhan Says:

    Dear Marsha,
    Over the years,we have done so many things for the people we love,without thinking about the potential price we may have to pay ,but thinking about the priceless thing we get: their love.
    This is what gets us going. You know it better,don`t you?

  6. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    I appreciate your comments. Many people are not so unselfish as to do for others with little thought of “self.”

    Of course I believe we need to treat others with love and kindness whenever we can. To me part of the definition of REAL love is the word “sacrifice.” I also believe we will get so much by much in a return of building character and more
    if we give to those we love. It feels WONDERFUL to me to be able to share love and do what I can, though sometimes I can’t do all that I would like to do!

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