Perceive happiness today

Why not? Life is a bundle of moments of ONLY NOW! Memories are just that, whether they be good or bad, and remember that there is such a thing as selective memory which will be a post later some time.
The future is simply something we cannot dictate no matter how hard we try to control it! Stuff happens.
So what we have here is “the moment”. Make yours today positive and happy. What you believe you will, to a great extent, conceive. I choose to opt for happiness, even amidst all that is happening around the world. Concentrate on the good. Find love where ever it may be. Smile at someone and if they don’t smile back, bless them. You CAN create brain cells that are of your own making….life is a bundle of your perceptions, the energy you release, and circumstances sometimes beyond your control. Don’t forget though, you ALWAYS have a choice of your response. Take a breath. Enjoy this moment, and the next, and the next. LOOK for what you would dream of in your happiest of musings!

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