The God Festival

I think today should be a God Festival. For an entity, a being no one can see or touch, man has kept Him the topic of conversation since recorded history began!

Believer, agnostic, or atheist, if the word “God” comes into play, you have touched a serious, if not volatile place in each person’s heart.

I personally believe the “craving” to find happiness stems from a place that is saved for God alone, and implanted in each human mind and Spirit.

Wars have been fought, and are still being fought “in the name of God.” Prayers of kindred nature have been prayed by millions of humans. Prayers of a personal nature have been prayed as well.

I shall venture to say that in a time of crisis or great individual need, ninety-nine percent of humans have cried out, “Oh God!”

When news arrives that our troops are home safe from the battles, we say, without thinking, “Thank God.” When a lost child is found – when a survivor appears at an accident – there are many times God is thanked
even by those who declare they don’t know God.

There are even people who have prayed “just in case” there really is a god out there in the distant place of time and space.

When people age and feel the withering on the vine eminent, a large majority of the elderly feel a closer draw to God. I have heard that when close to death, many people, even non-believers, call out to an unseen God to forgive them, and accept them to the place beyond all our perceptions.

So from me to God, thank you for being the center of the world’s attention since we were able to keep records. Thank you for being so truly important to each of us that we cannot stop thinking or talking about you!

Thank you for your awesome gifts to us, and patience with us. Today and every day…….THIS DAY I CELEBRATE GOD as He chooses to manifest to you and me. I declare a festival in His name.

Blessings to all who are in need and distress. Blessings to us all.

I am alive and well and looking at the big old full moon peeking between the oak branches. I can see the man in the moon. A breeze makes the remainder of leaves on the trees rustle with impatience to fall to the ground for the next progression. What more can one ask for in this moment.

Celebrate, with me, this God Festival of life each day. 🙂

4 Responses to “The God Festival”

  1. scatheist Says:

    You make some excellent points in your post about the instinctive nature to use God’s name. I wonder if that’s a product of our language and nurturing. I will celebrate life with you even though I don’t believe in God. Thanks for giving me something to think about and keep writing!

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Thanks so much for your comments and encouragement about writing. Love to write! I think probably you are correct about some use being a product of language and nurturing, but for me I still firmly believe we are fine tuned as human beings to have a “need” for God, and nothing can satisfy that space except acknowledgment and acceptance of God – as we each perceive him. Two precepts I believe are that each man must choose (and has that right), and that when the “space” is filled with God, therein brings that “peace beyond understanding” that so many believers know. Still, I honor each man’s right to choose! Have a wonderful day!

  3. Meleah Says:

    Agreed! Excellent post. I randomly stumbled across your blog today and I’m glad I did 🙂

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