The People’s Bailout

Do the minority of citizens that govern these United States want a total
break-down of its wage earners? Is it feasible that the civil unrest of the wage earners could result in a new civil war, but this time the majority rebelling being citizens against the government. For all our sakes the voice of the people should be heard.

There is an answer to help stimulate the economy and get families spending and living normal lives again, instead of feeling like the only help that is given is to make the rich man richer, and to help citizens of other countries in the world and immigrants. I am not opposed to helping others but there are valid reasons I resent this.

The middle class, the workers, are taking a fast trip to the garbage. The poor are supported, the disabled are supported, and those who are illegally here are supported. They often receive welfare, food stamps, and medical care for their children with no burden of “proof” of anything. To get food stamps for citizens the government requires a social security number, proof of expense, and they will charge the citizen if an error is made and too many food stamps are given!

Who pays for all these people? Why your average middle class American citizen. Most middle class families can’t even afford medical help for their families.

Of the three hundred and eight million people in the United States, ninety-nine million taxpayers pay the lion’s share of everything. The working class is drowning! Eleven million jobs are lost as of this date.

If you want to move money into the economy, get things going again, instead of a “token” release of minimal funds to “stimulate” spending, why not a more substantial payment to each tax paying citizen. Five hundred or even a thousand dollars in tax relief will not do anything!

Let’s do this instead. Let’s “appropriate” a card with an appropriate amount to really get the economy stimulated. If each card was used like a credit card, with a balance (as an example) of $5,000.00, guaranteed – the economy would begin to have a snowball effect in a more positive direction than the one that is building now.

People could catch up on mortgage debt, which would help banks and mortgage companies. They could buy vehicles they need, purchase clothing and other goods, make repairs to equipment, invest in bonds, and so forth. It would get some cash circulating and help everyone.

The banks have received enormous bailouts (and the CEO’s huge bonus paychecks.) Wall street has been bailed out. These bailouts have NOT helped middle class citizens. Families are going under.

Job “creations” for sometime within this year may help, but basically for Union members. Small business folks, and independent workers won’t benefit. What will help immediately would be a substantial cash return of taxpayer money – actually returned to the taxpayers in the form of a card that diminishes as spent, like a gift card.

If you can think of any down side, or have any suggestions yourself, PLEASE share with us!

I still adhere to the “Relax, it’s just life” theme of this blog. No matter what
the stressor, take a breath, do the best you can and go forth from that point.
We can all only do the best we can do. Keep in mind too, even with this being the most difficult it’s been here in the USA since the Depression, we still have things so much better than most people in the world! Be grateful
and keep the faith!

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3 Responses to “The People’s Bailout”

  1. Michael Says:

    I agree! I think it’s still better than living in the Gaza strip, for example!

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    You are certainly right about that! We need to all remember….thanks for taking time to comment!

  3. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    By the way – you are now bookmarked. 🙂

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