The stimulus package won’t do jack crap….

The idea that it will rev up the economy, is bolony. The one I mentioned a few days ago, under the title of “the People’s Bailout”, however, might help! Not my idea, but one agreed upon by many people!

We don’t need to give the banks more money (approximately 18 billion given out in bonus pay after the first “gift” of money to help the economy, but there may be more.)

We don’t need to spend 870 million to combat bird flu – or buy new vehicles for members of congress.

Citizens will stimulate the economy if you give them the “gift card” of (as an example) of $2,000. Add the stipulation the card must be spent in six months or it will be no good. I’ll guarantee you money will be put into the economy.

Tax cuts are B.S. They will NOT help the economy right now. They won’t help citizens who are going under. Let’s do something right now that will help American citizens who are the worker ants (no slam, we are ants too).

Also, remember, take a breath, love your family and friends, and LIVE IN THE MOMENTS OF NOW….God bless!

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