Hmmmmm….what about us?

I just heard about the tentative budget in California. It includes TENTATIVELY: a gas hike of .12 per mile, a sales tax hike of .01, DMV fees doubling, a state income tax increase, cuts in education, police and the fire department’s personnel. Budget
cuts has offed some mental help for the poor, and maybe even meals on wheels for the elderly. Yikes!

Tentatively (and correct me if I’m wrong) – the stimulus will give tax cuts for those making under $100,000.00 (not for ’08 taxes though), cuts for business owners, help for those in foreclosure, more help for banks, and help for 1st time buyers.
Some long-term help IS INCLUDED – President Obama inherited a nightmare economically, for sure!

I am not whining – well maybe I am, HOWEVER just because we aren’t taking welfare or food stamps, just because we AREN’T in foreclosure, and just because we live in California (which supports huge numbers of illegals and welfare recipients,) does that mean we get no help and still bear the burden of paying taxes to support everyone else in trouble?

I am not opposed to helping ANYONE who REALLY needs help, particularly children, but Calilfornia is notorious for fraud in many “help” directions. I know a family who took food stamps, welfare, medical help, and whatever they could get, and still smoked until two in the family died of smoke related diseases! Their medical bills alone were over a million dollars.

SPECIFICALLY I am referring to the single woman who had the 8 babies – all of which are still in the hospital. She has also 3 or 4 children at home already. She
got a disability settlement for some accident, GETS disability for 3 of the children at home – food stamps and money from the state and even federal probably get disability and a ton of help for those “million” dollar babies! I read a figure that said the hospital care alone will pass a million dollars – and 43 doctors wasn’t included in the figure. Medical experts are certain many of the children will be disabled for a lifetime, in one way or another. The hospital is asking for help from the state to pay some of it, and you KNOW the increase in taxes will help pay for more.

I am NOT blaming the innocent babies.

I think she should be strangled along with the doctor who illegally implanted more children than he should have done. There, I’ve said it! ( I don’t seriously mean it though. )

I just think it’s wrong, wrong, wrong, and I don’t want to see what’s left of legitimate hard working people have to pay her bills or the bills of so many who are fraudulent. Kind of makes you wonder why you are honest and not taking a piece of the FREE pie.

Now that all that grumbling is out of my system I feel better. No good to hold all those thoughts inside and just worry. Worry doesn’t change a thing. Sometimes clearing the thoughts out of ones head though, helps….no need to implode when I can simply let it all out by writing.

Now I’ll do as I’ve suggested so many times before and take a few mindful breaths. Then I think I’ll plunk my fanny on a chair and see if I can find some mindless humor on television or grab a good book and RELAX!

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