There seems to be a viral infection cross-crossing around the states. It starts with a sore throat / and or ear
aches. Moves to everything “clogging” up with thick mucus and a persistent cough. The headaches accompanying come and go, along with fatigue and just plain old severe feeling like crap (to put it bluntly.)

The virus (at least we think it’s a virus) continues on it’s way to bronchitis. This is an acute inflammation of the air passages within the lungs. … Both adults and children can get bronchitis. Don’t panic. It may / or may not turn into bronchitis. Here’s where you have to be careful.

My immune system was not up to par because I recently had that broken leg and was unable to exercise and do the things I personally need to do to be optimally healthy. Those more likely to develop bronchitis would be infants, small children, those particularly over 60, and those with low immunity factors. The danger for that group of humans is that it CAN turn into pneumonia, so be aware of this.

I got bronchitis and my doctor said she wanted to put me on antibiotics to protect me from it turning to pneumonia. Antibiotics usually treat bacterial infections.

This illness can last from a week and up to several weeks. It is contagious-airborne I believe. I got it and almost 4 days later my husband came down with it. The coughing, the spewing, the symptoms that go with it are awful!

What may help is (if you are into natural healing) – lots of water, a huge pan of water on the stove with oil of eucalyptus, or something to put moisture in the air – particularly if you are using a wood burning stove or fireplace. Drink tea with honey and lemon to help the throat and thin mucus.

If you prefer drug store help, get a multi-symptom cold medicine and / or perhaps Robitussin for cough. Ask a pharmacist. They actually are very good at suggesting what is helpful.

Rest if you can, and if you can’t take a breath slowly and try to lessen the rattle and cough…you still need oxygen. Try NOT to infect people if you can help it! I know money is tight, but if you can take a few days off
work to heal it will protect others and help you with fewer medical bills for the family.

Take care and say a prayer. It’s more powerful than you may know! Also try to keep a sense of humor and a positive attitude. I haven’t been sick for probably 10 years (REALLY), so this is a challenge for me. However,
last night I almost went into a cough spasm from laughing as I inhaled through the nose and it made kind of a funny whistle. Every time I did it I got hysterical with laughter! I know – I’m weird! 🙂

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