Stock market drop – don’t despair!

It was eleven years ago that the stock market drop was as radical! Clinton was president. It got better!
It will get better again! Patience and prayers. Hope. Fellow Americans, though I know a number of people around the world visualize our citizens as pampered and materially oriented, I know there are millions of hard working people, like ourselves, who are struggling right now.

Be grateful for love, a beautiful sunrise, the wind rippling through the trees, the laughter of a baby, and yes,
the fact we do still live in a country where we often take our comforts for granted. Even the majority of our poorest people are better off than most peoples around the world.

The reason that we are “consumers” is that the common man is plagued with advertisements on the internet, the television, the radio, and in newspapers and magazines. Big brother trains us to “buy, buy, buy” – making us think we NEED the things they are selling!

Don’t freak out. My daughter told me sometimes my mind goes from 0 to 60 in just a second. She meant I went from knowing of a particular circumstance to visualizing all the aspects that could happen (or not) in the future.
She was right. How silly of me. I know better.

We have this moment. This moment should be lived as if it is possibly our last. I don’t mean recklessly – I mean doing and saying the things we really should if we knew it was close to this earthly end.

These difficult times will teach us we can do with so much less than we thought. Less toys, less food, less competitive edge to keep up with the neighbors. I read a full page ad that stated (regarding makeup of all things) – “Don’t deprive yourself of meaningful beauty”. How ridiculous.

Meaningful beauty comes from within the heart, and no matter what you buy, if your heart isn’t right and loving then your exterior will show it ultimately. If your light shines from within, you will be beautiful.

So keep faith in the future, for the future is now: make it of value no matter how difficult it may seem. Tell someone you love them. Call a friend to say hi. Do the best you can. None of us can control ANYTHING in
our lives except our response to what happens!

Don’t let your life control you and leave you in despair. Create your life.

Love from me to you across the miles….we are all in this together!

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