Aid to foreign countries and California’s woes

I know very little about what is actually given to other countries on a regular basis. I read that we give two-hundred and fifty million to Pakistan each month. I know Hillary has now committed us to give Nine-hundred million to rebuild Gaza – don’t know specifics about that. I do know we regularly give humanitarian aid, but that’s it! Can’t seem to locate anywhere exactly what the USA gives out in aid to other countries. If ANYONE knows I surely would be interested in hearing from you. Maybe we can begin a list….just for the sake of curiousity!

Love the addition bailout for AIG – which supposedly keeps millions around the world from collapsing. I am still waiting for the People’s Bailout. Also, I think it’s hysterical to see in California counties that what is being cut is the fire departments, police and sheriff departments, and some social service and elderly programs. Plus the raising of DMV, state tax, etc. etc. etc.

Whhheeeeeeeeee! The snowball is rolling now! I still encourage you to TAKE A BREATH. Don’t let the perceptions of the medias RUIN your life! Keep loving those in your world, and keep hope in your heart! Just pretend you only have three days to live and live your next three days accordingly – if you can! Have fun!

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