Homeowners who pay GET THE SHAFT!

Did you read: the two programs Obama has going are these: 1. Home affordable modification program. For those in trouble will (maybe) lower what is owed on mortgage….and make the monthly payments 31% less than your income. However, you can’t be laid off – you have to prove your income. Then (what I read said) is that the government will pay lenders for lending, and homeowners for making payments! What the hell! We aren’t in foreclosure so we want to be paid for being responsible! We want our payments lowered and the balance of what is owed! The home affordable interest refinance offers low interest to refinance – HOWEVER, your mortgage must be held by Fannie or Freddie. How’s that for cutting out a ton of people! 8,000 homes go into
foreclosure each day! I’m not mad (that just gets the interior of my body all out of whack – really!) Besides, it wastes positive energy into negative thoughts that can’t change a damn thing! So take a breath with me. This is just “information” in case you hadn’t heard it.

How about this? Iowa wants 1.8 million dollars to “study swine odor”. How’s that for pork (hee hee). A dodger baseball player, Manny Rameriz, “settled” for a 43 million dollar salary over two years. He settled because of the economy. Poor guy!

Did you know it cost Obama 1 billion dollars to get the presidency? Do you realize Unions backed him 100% and union members will probably get the lion’s share, if not all the jobs, that are created? He promised “to create and keep jobs” for the people. Yesterday I heard he’s saying – “not to loose jobs.” The media sure gives different slants though. Never know what to believe. I want the USA to succeed. I want Obama to
help us and keep promises!

Lastly (for now) did you know the cost to operate the federal government for 1 year is 410 billion dollars?
I wish the congressmen and all our “representatives of the people” would stop having chauffeurs, taking unnecessary trips, putting on the dog for anyone who visits the white house. Who do you think pays for all this fluff? Why it’s us – the 99 million people who actually pay taxes!

That’s it for now except remember: We can only be responsible for our response to all of these things. You can think about them, but KEEP YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR, remember we still can love no matter what, and really – we can’t do a thing except dictate the quality of our lives and the lives of those around us.

Keep your Spirits up, pray and go forth, my friends, with a positive demeanor. I refuse to let circumstances dictate who I am and how I live! Create a beautiful day!

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