You’ve been my friend for over thirty years. Still, we teeter between love and hate.
You were with me for the good times. You were with me when I was down or in pain.
You were my friend when I was lonely and felt I had no other friend.
You gave me courage when I felt insecure, you made me forget.
You’ve been with me to heaven’s gate and then to the gates of hell.
It seems you’ve always been near, within my reach.

At times I hated you, but just when I thought you were gone for good, little by little,
You subtly sneaked your way back into my life.
You’ve always had your way with me.
You, my treacherous friend sometimes made me turn into someone else, a monster.
You made me seething with hatred and anger.
You made me think I wanted to kill myself.
You stole my will.
You made me see from a perspective that was not my own.

You sucked the life from me and yet I found myself calling on you again and again!
You invaded every area of my life, took me up and then dropped me down again.
You usurped my energy and spirituality.
You took my creativity, my intellect, and my motivation to be me.

When we parted you still affected my days and nights. I thought I needed you.
You almost killed me more than once with your reckless and distorted control.
You lure me into that altered state of consciousness, to be drunk.
To sleep the perpetual sleep, never perceiving reality.
Never to see the true shining star from within.

You are alcohol, the devil in disguise. You and your associates will not steal my life again. I vow you will not win.You are socially acceptable. You are legal. I still tarry with you now and then, but you John Barleycorn are NO FRIEND OF MINE.

If you are a parent, make sure your place of refuge isn’t in a bottle of booze. It will eat you up and you won’t even remember why. Your children will never forget. They may forgive you, but you will never completely forgive yourself! Trust me on this one.

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