More thoughts about your pre-teens and teenagers…

Quality time is the holy grail of modern parenthood. Really get down and have some fun with your children.
Some parents find it difficult in the early childhood stages, but when the kiddos reach 9 or 10 you can start really having fun with them. Hike. Swim. Do some activity that will be enjoyed by parent and child.

Have to give my eldest son credit, he has spent time with each of his children. Swimming, surfing, hiking, horse-back riding, skiing, and even (YES) playing games. Each of these activities will make a permanent impression in your children, and time is flying.

I know parenting oftentimes seem like the longest job you’ve ever held – well it is! Even when they have their own children you will still want to help and love them if you can!

My son isn’t wealthy; he has just been bring enough to share great times with his children. These times will imprint on their hearts, and no matter what harsh times you go through as they are spreading their wings, these times will be remembered forever.

Remember preteens and teens are indecisive. They spend their days in the land of I Don’t Know. They want to be a part of the adult action, and they want to be a kid. They are pretty much confused and searching for answers. Be a part of the answer and not the question. TALK TO THEM…one on one. ASK about their thoughts and feelings. Share you knowledge remembering your times as a teen.

Kids want nothing more than to grow up, so they relish any moment in which their maturity is recognized.

Lastly, give them space. Let them have privacy and time to think. Buy them a “book”, not a diary, to write their feelings in, and let them know this book is THEIR PRIVATE BUSINESS. Respect that. We all need our
own personal time to grow and reconcile with this world.

Have a wonderful day with your family and remember that though sometimes you are exhausted and wish they were grown because of it, that time will come soon enough. TRUST ME ON THIS ONE TOO!
Love them and share closeness while you can!

Find beauty, like these clouds, saucer-cloudand share the joy of our earth and sky while it’s still beautiful!

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