The Crystal Glass

How can I ever feel lonely or blue. My surroundings are the buzzing of the telephone wires, the street lights, the sound of trucks on a highway, the slapping of a chain on a flag pole, the flashing of lights celebrating a grand opening.

I stand here and breathe fresh air . I see clusters of stars glowing in the night. I feel the warmth of God’s presence, as I know Him.

I am not alone. I’ll never be alone. I may not be rich, but I have so many wonderful things that surround me. I can see, I can hear, I can touch. I can dance, laugh, run, sing, breathe, and I can love.

The sound of an airplane flys overhead piercing the momentary silence. A owl perches itself on a branch of the tree hooting in the night.

All the while an angel guards me furiously. Fighting even me when I am not careful with myself. God loves me at all times.

Why does it seem so hard to learn to whisper life as carefully as if it were a crystal glass. We scream and flail day by day, forgetting to trust. It will all get done. Or not.

The lost sound of silence echoes in my memory as someone screams a nasty vocabulary of ridiculous words at someone else. The song of the owl is lost to the impatience of men honking their horns and hurrying from place to place.

Each person clings to his own space, in search of long lost peace. It has been here within each of us since we became living souls.

Reach from within to find silence. Rest and rejoice in the beauty of life that is still available to us all. Take a breath. Breathe in new life and purge all negative thoughts as you exhale. It’s your life:)

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