Finding Solace

To find solace in the sorrows of life one must consistently be able to elevate thoughts and hope to a higher level.

Upon reflection of my own life I thought nothing could be worse than my own child suffering a birth defect and surgery as a small infant . Along the path tragedy has increased, side by side, with intensity I never knew I could manage.

Each circumstance laying another brick upon the foundation I perceive as my own. Each injury to my spirit coming with the assured knowledge now, that with wisdom and faith anything can be resolved. I can forge a head as a human soul and survive the most dire of circumstances.

The truth of it all is grounded in the fact that no matter what happens we have a choice in the final thoughts and position we take.

There are three steps to manage and survive this life. The first is acceptance that circumstances will happen and often times we have absolutely no control over what happens. The second is whether we will elevate or descend in our minds. It is always a choice. The third is to keep hope alive and find the joy that is still all around us.

Don’t let unhappy people steal your joy. Bless them, feel empathy for their pain, help them if possible, or move quickly to another place. Surround yourself with positive and loving people . Like a magnet you will all draw those positive feelings from one to another, and another.

We have only this moment. Use it wisely.
Enjoy these flowers – they are for you!

2 Responses to “Finding Solace”

  1. Fawn Says:

    I love that last paragraph – truly those are words of wisdom!

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Why thank you very much! The “icing” on my day!

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