You aren’t going to believe this one!

You may or may not know that six months ago I seriously broke my left leg. I passed out from the pain of a severe muscle spasm in my low back and when I fell I snapped a bone in my lower leg in half, fractured a second one, and sprained my ankle severely.

After surgery (insertion of a titanium rod) and four months of seriously WORKING on healing,I surprised everyone by healing faster than expected. It surely made me appreciate having both legs to use and I’ve been hiking, kayaking and riding my bike!

I missed doing anything in the fall, a favorite season for me, but have anticipated the coming of spring. My husband was laid off in October, with few prospects YET, but we know we still are in better shape than lots of folks, and are keeping our outlook positive.

Day before yesterday we took an eleven mile bike ride. It was awesome. We took trails by the river winding up and down, and after a ride upward, we turned to fly down the hill. What a blast to be able to use both my legs and fly with a cool breeze across my face.

We had so much fun, and felt so good working to stay in good health , we decided to ride again yesterday. The first two miles was wonderful……..

Like lightening, you never know when or where it will strike, I crashed! My husband thought
I’d hit my head, but I hadn’t. My entire body weight landed on my left wrist.

Someone walking near us gave me a hand. My husband flew to me and we sat down on some rocks nearby. It HURT!

We walked the bikes a mile and then he rode another mile and got the car. I sat down and cried from the pain.

After x-rays we found I have a fractured of the radius distal end and a possible fracture of the scaphoid (left wrist). Won’t know if I need surgery until my wrist swelling goes down
and we see the orthopedic surgeon. He’ll be surprised to see me again, I bet.

The bad news? Well it’s broken so that takes care of being able to kayak or bike for a while. 😦
Also, I am left-handed. The good news? We still have medical insurance until the end of the month! I am a great little typist, so I can use my mouse and type fairly fast with my right hand. Also, I do teach stress-management and relaxation techniques, and the techniques work! Thank you Lord.

That’s it baby! Don’t worry about the future too much. 🙂 You never know what is going to happen next! At least I can still walk and dance – well, as soon as I find out if it’s a cast or surgery and the pain settles down some.


2 Responses to “You aren’t going to believe this one!”

  1. suburbanlife Says:

    Oh, Marsha! I am so sorry to hear about this reverse just as you were anticipating your pleasurable spring months and its activities. Bummer! let’s hope your hand and wrist can be set without expensive surgery. Ten years ago i broke my right wrist in a boating accident, and had to walk about with my right hand raised for several weeks. i must have looked like i was constantly asking permission, or a question. It was the preparation of meals that was a drag, but did invent a new method of scraping carrots using the cast to steady the carrots one at a time. mecessity is the mother of… invention. Anyway, it really is a matter of attitude how one comes through these reverses. You, my dear, are a trooper and should cinch your recovery. Sending you healing thoughts. G

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