Perception and YOUR day!

Do we not all want to forget the horrible mistakes that were weaved into the pattern of our lives, and the lives of others so long ago by circumstance and folly? I believe we do.

Should we not all peek to the past, learn from it and then try to go forth? Should we not focus on the good that we may enlarge our spirits and hearts?

I cry for the remnant of love and faith in humans to unite in understanding and wisdom. I pray for us all to expand shared positive energies and heal and bond with one another. We need to focus on the now and put fear aside.

We are human. Love is why we were born, and with all the technologies, conveniences, and opportunities, we still often miss the point of what is really important in this brief moment of time.

Forgiveness. Peace. A gentle Spirit. An honorable character.
Empathy and compassion melded with a fine mix of intellect
and of emotion. Love for one another.

How amazing it is to see photography of the galaxies and then remember, we’ve not learned to truly love one another, unconditionally, yet.

It is time pay more attention to the truly important things. Remember smiles make everyone feel better, and they are free to share. Laughter is healing medicine.

If you think about it, each person’s perception of life is a creation of theatre, primarily, and each person is the star and the author of the play. Be a shining star and leave a legacy of love to those within the crew and cast, and to those who simply see the production.

Your response to what happens can only be written in your heart and actions. Go for quality of thought and deed and create a magnificent day! Find the beauty – it’s all around us if we only look.


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2 Responses to “Perception and YOUR day!”

  1. lwayswright Says:

    Sometimes it is so much easier to focus onall the bad stuff! it would be a much more peaceful planet if we focused on the positive!

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Wise and true words!

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