How to be a Hero


My husband did just that today. We needed to go to the grocery store but hadn’t eaten a bite so decided to grab a burrito at the local taco place. Always good – no lard, fresh beans and meat, and reasonable. It was crowded today – almost every table inside filled.

We walked in to order and then I told my husband I would go outside and get a table for us. He said “Okay”. As I sat there I noticed the increase in traffic and began to visit with a woman who was waiting for her husband to get there. He’d been walking the dog.

After about 5 minutes I began to wonder where Mike was as he had been the first in line. I got up and opened the door and there he was standing behind an old guy sitting in a booth. He was holding his head up and shouting out his name to see if he would regain consciousness.

I saw blood on the bench and two older ladies standing by. I asked if they had called 911 and they said they had. Soon a fire truck and ambulance arrived. There was a flurry of men with equipment so I held the door open and moved out of the way.

Within minutes they had lifted the man to a stretcher and the EMT’s were attending to him.
The firemen came up to my husband and thanked him and told him he had been doing the right thing to help him in the manner he did.

What had happened was that as Mike was waiting for our order he happened to look over and an elderly lady with a cane said “Can anybody help me and get me something to keep him from hitting his head?”

Mike did the right thing – the good samartian thing! He rushed to their aid. The man was having a severe seizure and he’d hit his head against the wall in his flailing. He had also hit his hand, which was the reason there was blood on the bench.

Yes, it was not the most pleasant before lunch experience for him. He held his head up so he could no longer hit it on the wall – and so that he could get unobstructed oxygen.

The paramedics brought Mike some hand sanitizer and asked if he’d washed his hands. Of course he had, but obviously with any emergency situation you don’t know if there is another problem such as hepatitis C or some blood related problem.

He didn’t think of that. He could see someone needed help and he helped him! My hero!

He isn’t a medical person, nor a fireman, he is just a great human being who is willing make the move and follow his instincts to help another fellow human.

It would be lovely to believe that we all would do the very same thing. If it were your grandpa would you not want someone to help if it were needed?

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