Animal lovers quandry!

For all of you who have an animal that you love – I have a problem and need your thoughts on this one! Really!
I have a 12 year old dog who has arthritis in his hips, but an occasional Rimadyl helps, and he is sometimes still running and playing. You can just tell when he is not agile his hips are hurting.

Here’s the problem: my friend has worked for a vet for over 10 years and she told me that MANY TIMES when
a dog gets arthritis, they lose control of their bowels. She said there is nothing you can do about it.

My dog has dumped in the car and in the house. My husband has seen this happen a couple of times each, but has NO IDEA that it’s happened quite a bit more than that! We have great communication EXCEPT he said, “When he’s not able to control it – we need to put him down. He just can’t be sh—— in the house and car.”

It happened again at 5AM this morning. I heard him pacing up and down the hall, but before I could get there he dropped his load – in about 6 places! Couldn’t help it, I know, as he’s NEVER done this before recently.

I jumped up and stepped directly in one pile before I could reach the light-then quick like a bunny, I just
grabbed the rest with my bare hands and assured my husband no problem. Of course when I got out of bed initially my leg got a charlie horse in it and I could have screamed – but I didn’t!

I dumped the poop in the toilet and washed my foot, then got the cleaner and scrubbed the floor and put a towel over it before my husband could see it was a bit more than “a couple of places”. I hate not telling him but I am having trouble with the ideaof putting “my friend” down!

He said, “Well, soon it will be warm enough and he’ll just have to get used to being outside all the time.”
He’s been an inside dog all his life, but that would be better than calling it quits right now.

PLEASE give me your thoughts / your ideas / your help on a resolve on the fact I will need to put him down sometime in the near future. For many people an animal becomes a friend, and that’s just what this dog has been to me. My husband loves him, but is of the mind – “We can get another dog. He’s just a dog.”

He also doesn’t want dog poop all over the house and car. I agree on that one!

Help! Here are a few photos of Buck. Look at how he looks at me – it breaks my heart!

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2 Responses to “Animal lovers quandry!”

  1. suburbanlife Says:

    Marsha – buck looks like an absolute darling! I feel for you at this time.
    Ten years ago when my old Lab Candy was treated for leukemia, she had diarrhea during the chemotherapy treatment which went on for 6 weeks. I simply kept her with me in the kitchen, on lino, and cleaned up as needed to be. After her treatment was up and her leukemia went into remission, we took her on a long road trip to camp and swim in lakes and rivers, which she absolutely loved. She relapsed shortly after we returned home, and I just couldn’t face euthanizing her. Instead, I sat with her in the room where she was closest to the outdoors and she could still walk outside to do her business. When she stopped drinking water i faced the reality of her suffering and made arrangement for the vet to come to the house to euthanize her. The pooping in the house was not an issue for me – as long as she took pleasure from my companionship, that was enough. It was when she looked at me with that patient longing to be spared any further discomfort that I acted. But, that’ just me. You will know for your Buck when it is the right time and the quality of his life is in the negative. G

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Thank you so much for your input on this! You know exactly what I am going through as far as parting with a beloved dog. Must have been very difficult for you too. I had to put our Rottie down a few years ago but he had hip pain so bad he couldn’t walk. We did know it was time. I took Buck for a walk today, and he is outside right now. It’s warming up fast so perhaps I’ll move his bed outside when it’s not too cold at night….better outside than not at all! My husband knows how hard it is for me to contemplate this. You are right – as far as Buck’s discomfort, I will know. I guess as far as the pooping – I will just try to get him outside as many times as I can before nightfall and hope for the best. Who knows – maybe it won’t happen again for a looooonnnnnggggg while (I hope). I appreciate your thoughts on this so much!

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