At least when you are in a romantic scenario.

Kissing is one of God’s most fantastic gifts to us human beings. It is a complex behavior though. Did you know a kiss requires the use of thirty-four facial muscles and 112 postural muscles during one kiss?

You must have muscular coordination and pucker your lips. Oftentimes the tongue is
a very important part of a kiss. . Lips have nerve endings and so they are really sensitive to the touch and if bitten!

Sadly disease may be transmitted through kissing – including mononucleosis and herpes. The likelyhood of transmitting HIV via the kiss is very unlikely, but it has happened!

In our Western culture kissing expresses affection. It can also be offered as a greeting or farewell. Kisses may extend from the lips to the cheeks, or the hand or even forehead.
There is no limit as to where a kiss may be found expressing one emotion or another.

There is the open mouth kiss, the gentle sucking of another’s lips, the movement of the tongue in another’s mouth – pronouncing the forthcoming adventure of perhaps a union.

People kiss photographs, they kiss religious articles, temple walls, rosary beads and crosses. People use the word in a negative connotation saying, “Kiss my butt” or worse. Oftentimes adults blow a kiss to a child or to another signifying for the recipient to catch the kiss that conveys affection.

In correspondence the X has represented a kiss. This began at least in 1763. Kisses are faked on stages around the world. Kisses happen under mistletoe, at the dawning of a New Year, and in the back seats of vehicles.

I knew someone who kissed her old love in a hallway on his wedding day. Sadly it was more “making out” that a congratulatory kiss, and has led to ten years of infidelity.

There are instances in the Hindu faith that a believer will kiss the ground. I’ve seen
people who are afraid of flying actually kiss the ground when they landed safely.

My first seriously long kiss (but with no tongue) was in the 8th grade. I remember the boy as if it were yesterday. We were dancing at a party at his home and I was crazy about Bobby. His dad passed by and I heard him whisper in Bobby’s ear – “Keep your timber limber son.” I had no clue what he was talking about! I just knew I loved kissing with Bobby.

Everyone needs a kiss now and then. A kiss for luck. A kiss for affection. A kiss hello. A kiss good by. Kissing is good for your health, and mine. Got to go. Think I’ve go sit on my husband’s lap and kiss him! Go kiss someone – your baby, your grandpa, your friend, your lover…..Kiss your own sweet hand and say “I did okay another day! ” Good on you!

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  1. mononucleosis and emotional stress Says:

    these are the symptoms of mono…

    […]KISS KISS KISS KISS KISS. ONE IS NEVER ENOUGH. « Relax, it’s just Life![…]…

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Ah, you are right. One is never enough, however, if you are too weak and ill to kiss…….well, caution is warranted! 🙂

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