YOUR Tombstone

Imagine one of these on your tombstone:

1. Fear ruled this life. Never tried anything new to do.
2. Motto: I’ll never get everything I have to do done!
3. Anger took this life – the heart could not handle it.
4. The children were out of control.
5. There was no peace to be found here.
6. He hated his life. Now it is gone.
8. She never forgot past sorrows until the day she died.
9. Life sucked because she chose to be miserable.

is it worth it? I think not.

Life isn’t perfect, but you can respond in a perfectly positive manner and change things from BAD to BETTER. Sometimes even wonderful. It’s a choice.

Choose happiness and love – NO MATTER WHAT happens you always have the CHOICE of how you respond.

Take a breath and CREATE a wonderful day. Time is fleeting. This moment is it! ENJOY- ENJOY -ENJOY!

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One Response to “YOUR Tombstone”

  1. lifelessons4u Says:

    Good Post! I agree. I just did a post on “Choices” too. We make more choices than we think, and those choices have a huge impact on our lives. I like how you did the “Tombstone” thing. Take care, A.

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