Do you think I’m just “happy and sappy” with my positive output and outlook?

Hell no! It takes concentrated effort to try to always be positive and live life happily each moment. It takes practice thinking in positive terms. It takes a real desire to change your life and motivation to wade through tough times.

I have just as many problems as you. To share just a few: I’ve been a widow, divorced, had a child with a million-in-one birth defect, lost the farm, been beat-up, lived on nearly nothing for quite a while, screwed over by two people I considered best girlfriends, found my mama dead, and within the last six months broke my leg and had to have surgery, and also crushed my wrist in a bicycle accident-and our medical insurance has been canceled. My husband has been unemployed for 5 1/2 months and because we keep paying our bills with our savings (which is pretty much gone) – we have been told we are 99% NOT going to be able to get a re-finance through Fannie Mae!

That’s just a “starter” list…..I know some people have it much worse – such as our poor military guys and gals who come home to no psychological help, or devastated by injuries, for instance.

However, I believe ANYONE can train themselves to CHANGE. We adapt to change that we have no control over every single day!
Should we not have the right to CHANGE ourselves for the better? Well, we do!

When I was going through †he worst of times I often lied to people. They would ask me the standard, “How are you?” and my reply would be “Great!” – no matter how crappy I felt. I was in the process of training my brain to think in different terms than the circumstance. I was creating new brain cells. Of course I often had to take a breath or two before responding. I admit that
it took time and perseverance to OVERCOME negative thoughts….but I’m worth it 🙂 and so are you!

Don’t let all the media reporting and problems we face overcome your life! It’s your life! Keep the faith and keep practicing a positive attitude and response to life.

I remember one time a young teller in the bank ask me the “How are you” question. I responded by saying “Wonderful!” (I had given myself a graduation present from GREAT to WONDERFUL for my tenacity in practice.

She said, “I wish I could feel like that.” We had a brief discussion similar to this post and I actually gave her “Wonderful.” The next time I went in I asked her and she said, “I am wonderful!” smiling from cheek to cheek. It touched my heart as she concurred…it
works. Maybe not right away, but our brains are adaptive to our thoughts.

Of course that is when I graduated to “AWESOME.”

How are you today?

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