Tortured by an Insect

I do not carry grief and anger inside me. It is non-productive and stalls any movement in a positive outcome.

I do, however, allow myself to vent to manage undo stress. Today I am venting.

I am not a Bush fan. In fact I think he many MANY mistakes. I am not a fan of any politician actually. I hope Obama will help the masses, but I have my doubts about him as I see campaign promises changing by the day.

I think they may all start out honorable, but 99% wind up letting too much power, and too many perks go to their heads! This is the scenario I have witnessed in my 50+ years.

Last night my husband and I watched World News with Charles Gibson. I have to laugh at the fact “we the masses or as my eldest son likens us to – the peasants– have over decades bought what the media declares.
Hollywood sets the tone by such things as war movies starring John Wayne. They foretell of horrible airborne disease and comets hitting the earth and so forth(to prime us,I believe).

What made me think of this was two things. First of all I just finished watching WAR, a series by PBS, a very enlightening series based on the real record of World War II as told by those who were there. A stark difference from what we have been fed. YOU must know what I mean by “being fed”!

The second thing was World News going on about the torture techniques used by Bush, “rough tactics ” was the description. Oh my gosh, a man with a fear of bugs was put in a room with a bug he thought would bite him. Yes, I know that’s rather horrible, but come on – even keeping suspects naked, feeding them only a liquid diet, and waterboarding them doesn’t EVEN come close to what has been done to our military and people around the world. These people are suspected terrorists who would be willing to die for their cause – some torture MIGHT be the only way to get pertinent information to help save MILLIONS of people!

These are only a few atrocities around the world:
In the first half of 2007 nearly 250 women were killed by violent husbands or family members in Egypt and on average 2 women were raped there every hour.

1,252 people were known to have been executed by their state in 2007 in 24 countries.

At least 39 trade unionists were killed in Colombia in 2007, 22 have died in the first 4 months of this year.

Remember hearing about bamboo under the fingernails, total starvation and beheading…these are tactics other countries still use. There has to be a way to get information – terrible, yes any of it, but we are talking about prying information out of one person to possibly save MILLIONS!

President Obama said: “We have been through a dark and painful chapter in our history. But at a time of great challenges and disturbing disunity, nothing will be gained by spending our time and energy laying blame for the past.”

Come on now. Our entire history of the world is disturbing. The United States has always been divided since the creation of the Republican – Democratic fiasco. The thought of bombs that killed and maimed at the end of World War II wasn’t really a peaceful and joyous time for those under the planes. Yet the victors were cheering. I will guarantee that.

I guess I am tired of insinuations that EVERYTHING is Bush’s fault. BS. It’s taken more than eight years and the Republicans to screw up this country. I am also tired of Obama bringing up “all he inherited” to
no fault of the Democrats and his group. If you don’t want to lay blame – stop blaming!

Every middle class American I know is disgruntled with the whole system. Republican or Democrat, we are ALL AMERICANS! Personally, right now, I think the middle class is going down the trash can, the
future children will pay HUGE taxes to repay all this bailout money, and the only people it’s having any affect on is stabilizing the rich.

Oh yes, this is America. I do love my country but it seems in order to get any real help you have to be either homeless, an immigrant, or an indigent. I know SOME people really need help and I don’t begrudge that, but the middle class doesn’t have food, , lodging, medical, or insurance unless we sell our souls as ant workers.

Last bitch – even prisoners (with the exception of rape and violence within) have it easier in some ways…
room and board, medical, free schooling, and free access to a health club to get strong for the return to the streets. A death sentence mean a minimum of 10 years of appeals and usually a free public defender.

So instead of all this Bush bashing and the blame game – let’s see some real changes. It cost Obama a BILLION dollars (it’s true) to win the popularity contest…come on Mr. President, I don’t want instant gratification – just REALLY fair and genuine help. It makes me sick to see the Red Cross not getting a bailout and free hospitals closing because of lack of funds.

What’s next?

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One Response to “Tortured by an Insect”

  1. anniken Says:

    I have to say that I disagree with some of what you say, I mean, by torturing your prisoners, you’re not any better than them. I think everyone should be treated with respect, even the terrorists, torture isn’t making anytthing better. It just lead to much more anger – and much more terror.

    But the world’s problem is bigger than torture, and I agree with you that it’s not fair to blame Bush for everything.

    And it will be exciting to see what changes Obama will bring. I also feel that the expectations are way to high.

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