In response to your comment :)

Thank you for sharing your thoughts Anniken. I appreciate reading them and hope you don’t mind an extended response ☺
to your comments.

I looked up the definition of torture:

“..the action or practice of inflicting severe pain on someone as a punishment or to force them to do or say something FOR THE PLEASURE OF THE PERSON INFLICTING THE PAIN.”

The techniques used were not used to get pleasure – but to obtain vital information to perhaps save millions. No one should have to be tortured!

Much to my dismay I finally believe not everyone has a good spirit. To maintain order we must have those who police, those who govern, those who work in prisons. They probably don’t all enjoy what they need to do “for the good of the people” to maintain peace.

Some people have agreed to use these questionable methods of obtaining information. That is their job, “obtain information” for the good of the people.

We in the United States see people torturing one another every day! Worse torture than these things – murder, rape, and killings- every day! I am sorry anyone is tortured. I could never do it! I
know I am not capable of torturing someone, but until peace is upon us it is necessary to obtain information that very well may save many lives.

If we could only truly learn to love one another and end all this
un-civilized and hateful behavior. We can go to the moon but we
cannot seem to find peace.

I respect your thoughts and appreciate you taking the time to share them with me.

One Response to “In response to your comment :)”

  1. anniken Says:

    Thanks for your response!

    Yeah, I agree with you in that something has to be done to end this crazyness in the world, i’m just not sure that these “questionable methods” are the right methods to use.

    But I do respect your meanings as well, I do. And I’m looking forward to reading your next posts!:)

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