A decision has been made! THANK YOU FOR INPUT :)

THANK YOU for your comments and email input. We went to bed still 50-50 on which job to take (and grateful for the choice) – and asked God to help us in the decision. We both awoke this am and the decision was made.

The Union job is the one. So much better in so many ways. We do have to be apart, but my honey
will be home weekends (and when he’s worked in past days, he’s been gone 8-10 hours anyway, and beat when he came home), and it’s only 3 hours away, so I can drive down pretty much any time. We are secure in our bond.

We are blessed to have a 5th wheel, which we actually bought to move close to our son and grandchildren. We were kept from moving because of the economy and now the 5th wheel will actually be much better than some motel and restaurants.

So that’s it. Thanks again and keep the faith – YOU WILL FIND POSITIVE THINGS COMING TO YOU if you just don’t give up and give in!

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