Shit happens!

Yes, I actually said it! I’ve tried to keep this blog strictly using words that I think is language all about – beautiful and varied! Using words in print I would be proud of my children to repeat has been fun. It took years for this woman to drop the f word and it’s companions, but today, it’s appropriate.

My old dog has literally shit on the carpet again. This time a big gooey mess that is the worst yet. He is a German Shepherd, wolf mix, and pretty darn big. He’s not able to control it much as his hips are pretty arthritic, but other than that he’s healthy, still loves to walk, and is fun for us. Well, for me.

My husband has seen him do this about five times so far in the house, and a couple of times in the car.
Everything cleaned up good, and we always have it set up for the car so we can just take out cover and wash it, but he’s not too happy as we put the carpet in a year and a half ago.

I don’t want to have to put him down yet. Particularly with my husband taking this new job that keep him from being home 4 evenings a week. He’s coming home weekends, or I am going there, so it’s a small sacrifice (kind of big to us as our time together is the best time for us), but necessary to survive.

Anyway, I TRULY believe that in order to RELAX in life, we must deal with the petty annoyances that pervade daily life. I think if someone commits suicide to free themselves from trials, they could be facing something much more difficult. Mama used to say it is the chicken way out. Death to me seems like it would REALLY be boring!

Besides, there is NOTHING in this life that will take my happiness away for more than a brief period of time. I will not succumb to whatever life hands me! How weak would that be! I consider myself much more intelligent than that.

All those trivial matters stacked up today. The dog incident, spilled iced tea as I tried to manipulate the jug with my right hand (still have cast – still very left-handed). There was chicken I put in a bag in the refrigerator so it wouldn’t leak juice out everywhere. The bag, a recycled one, had a hole in it and leaked everywhere anyway..the pain of my wrist is intense sometimes with even the smallest movements.

Making burritos and mixing and wrapping them for my husband to take required finesse, which I don’t have right now, so that was difficult and challenging. I got the mail and realized I had sent my husband’s union dues to the wrong address. Tried to contact them and was disconnected, put on hold, and referred to extensions that said, “message box full.”

No I don’t have children at home and I know how difficult it is, but at least when your child brings home an A, or looks at you to help them figure something out, or says, “Good night, I love you”, there is indeed a visible reward that does swell the heart. Aside from the fact, as hard as we try, we can’t really step into another person’s shoes 100%. It’s pretty much about OUR OWN perspective in life, and OUR OWN pain and circumstances.

My wrist hurts, my fingers hurt. I know when the cast is off I will face a percentage of loss from the crushed bone that cannot be helped, I know I will have to do my own therapy, and it will be painful. I
remember from the broken leg I had this last September!

But OH WELL, it could be worse – just read the headlines: “As of 4:40 p.m. PDT • Mexico swine flu deaths, outbreak spur global epidemic fears..”

So take a breath. Look around you as I am sure you can pick out at least two beautiful things about your world – and if not, count yourself blessed to have a computer and be reading what you like. Many people in this world have it so much worse!

Keep in mind you always have the choice of how you respond to life, and remember SHIT HAPPENS to us all! 🙂

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