Arnold – what the hell?

I don’t get ticked off too often, but I am livid at the governor’s insinuation that if ALL the measures are not passed in California in the special election Californians will suffer. Talk about big brother. He says that MANY jobs will be lost and 57,000 (yes, fifty seven thousand) prisoners will be released early and more, if we don’t vote his way!

First of all – I’d like to see a reckoning of what has caused us to be BILLIONS of dollars in debt since you’ve been in office. What happened? Where did all the “bazillions” from the lottery go? I’d like to see the trillions of dollars in debt “cause”of the federal government too. That’s not going to happen.

I was BORN in California and of late I despise “the government” of the state of California. Honestly, I really kind of have contempt for many of it’s citizens as well. I live in a community in Northern California. Since I moved here 20 years ago the population of sexual offenders and child molesters has jumped leaps and bounds. Three prisons- Susanville, and to Folsom, to the prison on the N. coast, when someone is released they have just about enough money to get to Redding! Hence, the increase.

Saw a blurb on the news tonight and the person being interviewed (a prisoner) said, “They release you with $200.00 and probably more than 75% will be back in within a year. What are we supposed to do?”

Well, what is the average citizen supposed to do? Two home invasions happened last night in two areas you would not have heard this happening before. Incidence of rape and robbery – increased, of course. Get out the GUNS!

The South state has allowed so many immigrants to enter and stay, that the welfare, food stamps, medical, and free “stuff” has increased greatly. The state seems to coddle ANYONE (not just illegals) who has a “need” (mental or otherwise), while the middle class and lower middle class is being dumped in the trash can.

I personally know a woman who’s son is in prison for murder in California. He says the living is good and he’s never gotten better drugs. I counseled a heroin addict who got EVERYTHING ,including many surgeries, for free while she was still addicted. I gave up counseling her after 8 years because I caught her trying to shoot up in my office when I told her she could use the phone.

NOWHERE will you find a politician giving up anything. How ludicrous to have you, Mr. Governator, go to southern california to “push” your initiatives and to fill the air with your scare tactics. How much did that little trip cost the taxpayers? From here to Washington politicians are screwing us to the wall. Our children and grandchildren will be the ones to pay dearly in the future. We worker ants pay now.

Let’s cut out the mental health programs, cut the police and sheriff department staffs, and drop a lot of firemen…..oh yeah, you have already done, that with more to come.

Californian’s are getting reamed and not just once – over and over and over again!
You can’t even move because the banks and mortgage companies have undercut the prices so badly that you would wind up PAYING to get out.

So there Arnold. I’ve said it. But guess what – NOTHING WILL BE DONE EXCEPT WHAT POLITICIANS WANT AND MONEY BUYS – so I am going to take a breath and say a prayer and go outside and water my flowers before they cut off my water supply!

Say it. Release it. It feels much better.

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