I will continue to blog and here is why!

First of all, I have met some awesome fellow bloggers through this access. Blogging also allows me to read posts I may never have seen had it not been for this blog, and exchange thoughts and ideas.

My intent is to share the wisdom and life experiences gained over many years, and if something touches one human spirit, then mission accomplished.

I think part of my hesitation in writing yesterday is the continuing saga of “the healing wrist”. The therapist let me know WHY so much pain and so LITTLE movement. Here it is:

“Adhesive capsulitis of the wrist-

Persistent pain and decreased range of motion are disabling complications of wrist trauma and not uncommon. Nerve compression. The origin of pain caused can be caused by bone abnormalities (such as a crush injury) and maybe soft tissue abnormalities and limitation of range of motion may occur.

Fracture of the distal radius can cause a smaller than usual joint capacity.

The term adhesive capsulitis and frozen joint refer to the clinical symptoms of pain and decreased joint motion associated with fibrosis and contraction of the joint capsule.

Muscular inactivity-or casting a break can cause it. The treatment usually involves aggressive physical therapy with progressive increase in range of motion.

Adhesive capsulitis of the wrist can be a debilitating problem.”
Now I know! Regardless of the pain right now I am forging a head and doing my own therapy 3 times a day and going to a therapist twice a week. I believe in praying, miracles, and mind over matter – literally.

My blogging time will be my “pleasure” time when it’s too hot to be outside, or just when I get the urge to write. Now I’m off to read a few of my favorite blogger’s posts!
CREATE a wonderful day!

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