Obama Trauma

I call it the “Obama Trauma” year. I don’t give a damn anymore about how much he “inherited”. He is the ruler of the world and now is grabbing up private industry.

This is the year the middle class realizes it’s been on the path and is now finally in the last stage of being vaporized. I could be president if I spent a BILLION dollars on advertising, ran a show about how wonderful I am 24/7, and was a champion in debate and speaking.

Taxpapers now own a share in “GM” – hahahahha! What a joke. The only profit taxpayers will see from own a part is NOTHING! Since when does a president need an “Auto Task Force”? Since when does the government control private industry?

Billions and billions to wall street and corporations while millions of America’s poor are getting poorer by the moment.

Here’s what the peasants who work will see. 1,000 plants closing between now and 2012. Mr. president said so. The government is going to PURCHASE a new “federal fleet of cars” – to “Jump start” GM. Oh, plus billions more to them to reorganize.

Meanwhile my home is worth less than we owe on it. It seems everyone has to “leave town” to look for work. More foreclosures, more yard sales with household furniture no longer needed, higher gas prices, high food prices, higher everything.

The president said that we are basically being forced (I believe he said we are unwilling) – to “sacrifice” for the NEXT generation and the generation thereafter.

What about those raising a family now? What about seniors who have barely enough money to survive now? What about all the citizens who opted not to have children? What about NOW….

I seen this BS flying before. Nothing will change for the poor. Now even programs to help those really in need are being stopped.

Just another joke on the poor (most Americans now) – it is heart-breaking! Believe me, no one in government service, neither on a state level, nor the federal governement, are hurting for one tiny little thing.

The rich get richer. The poor get poorer. I have such a bad taste in my mouth about it all that I need to go brush my teeth. Personally I don’t care if anyone agrees with me or not. I am a “mature” woman and I’ve seen politicians over many years make promises. I have never seen one with his fingers in so many things at one time. I have never seen so much spending and heard so many accolades about “how good” they are doing.

Saved jobs? Created jobs? Blah blah blah. Any thoughts? I’d be open to reading them! I am also hoping I am dead wrong about the president. He is the president,

By the way – I am relaxed about it all. I have no other choice, if I want to be happy, and moment by moment is all we have in this fleeting life.

4 Responses to “Obama Trauma”

  1. Cliff Bolton Says:

    In the early 80s everyone said that Reaganomics would wreck the economy. Everyone was completely wrong. Comon sense tells you that when you’re broke (as in owing the Chinese hundreds of trillions of dollars), you practice a little austerity. Obama has done exactly the opposite. With the Dems in office and the Libs in control of the Supreme Court, I guess we’ll see if Obamanomics works.


  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Thanks Cliff for your comments. Think Obamanomics is a perfect name for what’s happening. Time will tell, as you say, but in the “now” moment – I feel badly for citizens who are going to suffer, no matter what.

  3. Jennifer Says:

    I knew he was bs from the get go…as unpopular as it sounds. I think Hillary would have made a better pres. But she would have destroyed phamecutical industry profits for one, she was a threat to big businesses. It’s too bad those who control the media run the show. They knew he was George bush 2. They raised him up from nothing that was the plan. It is damn near impossible to survive in the United States. I left… to nothing better but I couldn’t even support myself.
    People like me have opted out of having children, due to financial reasons and the state of the world in general, with pollution and all that. I don’t want to name my kid only to have their beautiful name be on a name tag while they stand in line ringing up sales in a checkout line cuz there are no jobs. My family is suffering SO BAD right now it’s rediculous. I really hoped things would get better but they’re not. If the poor survive till next election.. wise up! Don’t vote for an image. I often wonder what the real votes stand for and who counts them up anyhow. But people really should have voted for Hillary out of the three. I don’t care what anyone says.

  4. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Good for you Jennifer! I like it when people are honest and don’t worry about if a
    true opinion makes them popular or not. Popularity was part of the reason Obama got elected. The debate champion was popular and “said all the right things.” I really also agree about the media – they are so bias and so untruthful about it all if it “sells” and promotes their pocketbooks. My husband thinks the Democrat party figured either Hillary or Obama would get elected. How right was that! Don’t get me wrong – I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat…I think we are all Americans and this only goes to further divide us. The Unions were huge supporters of Obama, but I saw the face of a few that are stunned because they no longer have a job. It is bad right now. We are on the edge too. I have grown children but I understand your concerns about bringing a child into this mess. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! I hope and pray for your family and so many families that are suffering while the rich get richer! Take a breath – I do know one thing. No one knows what’s next. Try to enjoy each moment you have!

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