Did anyone ever give you BS when you pulled into the same parking spot they were eyeballing?

Well, it’s happened to me more than once! The first time I just ignored the person and came home and wrote this (a mental release for me):

“Hey, Jack-off your high horse. Who sold you that particular parking place? It’s impossible to even buy a home this day, let alone a public parking place. Did somebody sell you the London Bridge and THAT parking place?

Red-faced, pimply, obnoxious human err that you are. The abortion didn’t work, eh?

I bet you kick dogs and harass old ladies too. You probably miss the laundry basket and leave it, drive way to fast, and crap just like the rest of us. “Eat crap and die” is probably your philosophy in life, and if you EVER get the chance to have a woman, she’ll probably have to cheat to get any satisfaction.

Constipation is all over your face. I hope you melon is mealy, your sweet potatoes sour, your bacon spoiled, and your chips soggy. YOU are the reason for the unrest in the world and the hate that fills hearts.

You are the kind of guy who cultivates onions, not friends. If you were laying on the street bleeding to death, probably your own mother would pass by you, go home and make cookies.

Have a nice day!
Well, I felt better getting that out. The last time I pulled through to face my car ready to leave. My wrist, afterall, was broken and it seemed easier than backing out. As I got out a car stopped and a woman yelled- “Why did you do that?”
I simply said, “Because I have a broken wrist and it’s easier!”

She drove away to park and I got more upset by the minute, so to calm myself down I waited for her to enter the store.
I simply told her, “You know, none of those spaces are reserved except for those with a disability. I have one of those plaques but left those spots for someone really in need. I can’t figure out what gives you the right to question where I park. Oh well, I guess you are one of “those” people who think everything is for them specifically. Guess what? NOT!
Have a nice day” – and I walked away.

Gosh it felt good to confront her in, may I say, a rather classy manner! I won’t let other people drop me to their level with the finger or swearing or any nastiness….why should I? Even on the road I used to flip someone off if they did it to me. Now I don’t say, “piss on you”, I raise the peace sign and say “peace on you”. I am a positive force! Try it – you’ll feel much better!

Have a FANTASTIC day!

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One Response to “Did anyone ever give you BS when you pulled into the same parking spot they were eyeballing?”

  1. cherokeebydesign Says:

    LOL. last weekend I was crossing the street uptown, since it was the weekend tourist were everywhere.
    As I started inching my way across the street, one lane of cars stopped and the other lane didnt.

    I kept walking so they had to let me cross….as I got to the other sidewalk the passenger in the stopped car made a comment about why dont you go back to where I came from, LOL.

    As I stopped and looked back, without thinking I said this IS where your government sent us….why dont you go back.

    Later that night I saw where one of the Tribal cops had him pulled-over and was writing him a ticket, LOL.

    Isn’t life sweet??



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