Ten Thoughts for the day!

1. Love is action and hate is largely an attitude (sometimes in action).

2. Whatever you say you speak into existence.

3. Leave what belongs in the past. It’s too late to change now. Breath a sign of relief. It’s over. Now start again!

4. Carry your heart like a newborn child. Smile and giggle – often!

5. Forgive as many times as it takes, but if danger is near remember you always have a choice.

6. If you are so blessed and can take a great shower, think of washing all the negative moments from your memory and heart. Step out into a new world and the “you” that has always been there for the believing.

7. Trying praying. It works for your good if in thought only. My prayers have been answered. Be patient.

8. Smile as much as you can. Even if no one smiles back or scowls at you like you are crazy. I bet before day’s end you will have gotten more than one smile back.

9. Tell someone something positive (and true) at least once a day. Note their response.

10. STEP AWAY FROM THE MACHINE! Stand up and stretch every direction. Open up the blood flow and take a few mindful breaths. When I have my music on – which is most of the time – I do a little dance.

Now smile and CREATE a wonderful day.

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2 Responses to “Ten Thoughts for the day!”

  1. goddesspower978 Says:

    Oh my God…this rocks. I so agree with number 10! I just did that a moment ago. Thanks so much. Love, Goddess

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    You are welcome. Feels great to wiggle and move and breath! Sometimes it’s easy to get involved and forget and get all scrunched up. I have another blog (http://stressmanagementmagic.wordpress.com) if you would like to scan it sometime. It’s pretty new. 🙂 Have a wonderful evening!

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