Did you know more people die from heat related problems than hurricanes and tornadoes and any other “weather event” each year?

My husband just brought home some current information from OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). I would like to share it with you.

“When the body is unable to cool itself by sweating, several heat-induced illnesses such as heat stress or heat exhaustion an the more severe heat stroke can occur, and can result in death.

High temperature and humidity; direct sun or heat; limited air movement; physical exertion; poor physical condition; some medicines; and inadequate tolerance for hot workplaces are all factors leading to heat stress.

If you find yourself with any of these symptoms, you probably are experiencing heat exhaustion. Headaches, dizziness lightheadedness or fainting, mood changes such as irritability or confusion, upset stomach or vomiting, or weakness and moist skin.

The symptoms of heat stroke are dry, hot skin with now sweating, mental confusion or losing consciousness, seizures or fits.

There are ways to prevent heat stress. First it is important to recognize symptoms of heat-related illnesses; monitor yourself and coworkers. Block out direct sun or heat sources: Wear long sleeves, a hat, lightweight, light colored, loose-fitting clothes. Wear a hat. Take an umbrella with you. Drink lots of water; about 1 cup every 15 minutes. (Be careful about gulping too much ice water at one time when you are overheated. It can be very bad for the body!) Use cooling fans, air-conditioning, hand fans, even a paper fan is better than nothing.

Avoid alcohol (it dries you up) caffeinated drinks, or heavy meals.

If you feel you or someone with you has a heat related problem, call 911 immediately (or whatever your local emergency number is). While waiting for help move whomever is suffering to any shaded or cool area. Loosen or remove heavy clothing. Provide drinking water that is cool. Fan and mist the person with water if possible.

Also, remember the elderly at these times, and the children! If you know someone that may be in harm’s way – help them. Please consider your pets during these intense heat spells. They can die too!

Lastly, SUNSCREEN REGULARLY. You may think tanning is beautiful but it can be deadly for humans of all ages! Tanning WILL probably cause skin cancer, which can be deadly. For vanity – it will also make your skin like leather and wrinkly! So be smart
with you and your family. Even the littlest of children need sunscreen. I would rather have them fuss about putting it on than see them have skin cancer.

Don’t forget HEAT CAN – AND DOES KILL!

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