Michael Jackson – why all the tributes?

His music was great- I danced to it all and loved it! He was rather a freak at times too, we all know that is a fact. He did help people in Africa, but he also slept with young boys. He actually paid off SEVERAL times millions of dollars to “settle.” So what is all the tears, the freaking out, the tributes and all the media coverage for like he was a god. I don’t get it.

I guess I am not as enthralled about “stars” and celebrities as many people are. He was a human being. A talented human that was apparently hooked on drugs for some kind of pain. I have pain. I’m not hooked on drugs.

He made his billions and lost it. He caused a stir with his “unique” ways, but the accusations of being a child molester-admitted he slept with boys but no funny stuff-turned my stomach.

He died like all of us will one day. I just wish people made such a fuss over the millions of people who spend their entire lives REALLY helping their fellow man.

I noticed everyone on ebay is more than willing to sell Michael Jackson “stuff” to make a buck. Let’s get on with something else. K?

3 Responses to “Michael Jackson – why all the tributes?”

  1. Nish Says:

    I so agree…sometimes people think talent and success justifies character, basic good sense, and decency. I lost all respect for the man once those accusations of child molestation came out. And although, his death is sad, my take is all deaths are sad…

  2. Beverley Says:

    I have to agree with you too Marsha – There’s been little else on our TV since the news was broken here in Australia and I imagine we might get ‘our fill’ of it for a fair few days yet. There is no doubting he was an extraordinary entertainer as a young person – and I do feel sorry that his childhood was spoiled but as you say, let’s get on with things that are far more important.

  3. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Thanks you two! I wasn’t sure if I was alone in my thoughts and opinions, so it’s nice to know I am not! There is so much more going on than this, and though the news is not always good, it certainly is more interesting than seeing MJ on everything and everywhere! His music touched me too, but any indicator that presses towards abusing a child in any way gets the fire going within me and rather deletes the magic of the music.

    Have a beautiful day and thanks guys for letting me know I am in good company with this opinion!

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