1. Did you know it is NOT good to wash your face everyday? Unless you work in a very dirty environment, it simply takes the natural oils and moisture from your face! Use a gentle soap when you do and alternate with a moisturizing makeup remover. Ponds is one of the least expensive on the market, and one of the best.

2. Cough up the money for a hands-free unit for your cell phone. You may think you can work using the phone by speaker, but there are good reasons to spend the cash. It will save lives! It is fun and convenient! I love mine. So easy and I can concentrate on driving using both hands, and when I am home I can work my little heart out while I am yakking! Try it and if you don’t love it (give it a week) – return it and get your money back!

3. No matter how you love to “get the red out” – LIMIT your use of eye drops that do that. What I found when I got an abrasion in my eye was that every time you use those drops it dries your eyes. Eye moisture drys out as you age, and injury becomes much easier if you accelerate it by using the drops daily. I did, and I am sorry! Now I just use them once in a great while.

4. Don’t say something and then do something else. Children learn what they see to a far greater extend that what they hear.
Be a better friend and a better parent by shutting up unless you intend to follow through. If you love the little munchkins ponder this! Also you will be a better human and life will be 100% more up front if you follow this trend.

5. If you find your relationship is about 90% of the time “fighting or caving” – it’s time to rethink your position. This is your life.
What your children see is what they learn – again – if the above scenario is familiar it’s time to seek counseling or think about changing your life. So many people “stay together” for the children, when actually oftentimes it is WORSE for the children. They see fighting, they hear all kinds of stuff you think they don’t, and you are spending your life teaching them how NOT to live!
Just think about it and be honest. Don’t justify your position. It’s your choice, believe it or not! If you are scared, seek help. That’s what I did years ago and I have never regretted it. I spent way too long showing my children what not to do!

6. Don’t forget to stretch. You don’t have to be a stretch guru, but you will circulate all the fluids and oxygen in your body if you stretch a few times during the day. Like right now. Sit back, take a deep breath, stretch your arms up over your head and wiggle your toes. It’s so easy and so good for you!

HAVE A GREAT DAY, AND SMILE! This is your moment. Now this one is. Now this one. Use the moments wisely, my friends. 🙂

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