Bernie Madoff and other stuff

You know two things about today’s news and the court decision regarding Bernie Madoff bothers me deeply. Of course, the horror of the people who were cheated out of millions and millions of dollars is staggering, but putting that aside – here are my thoughts.

1. WHY does our judicial system pronounce a sentence of one hundred and fifty years?
Do they really think before Madoff dies we will be able to extend life that far? Oh my gosh, I hope not!

2. Do you realize that even with his life being spent in prison until he dies he has it much better than MOST of our senior citizens, and many who haven’t reached their “golden years” yet.

He will have three squares a day, medical, dental, vision, free room, and probably will
have a few amenities too – such as television or computer. Most seniors can’t afford dental or vision help, and medicare does not provide that help! (Which is by the way, is ridiculous!) Eyes and teeth in an older human are the first two things to go….

The inequity of the world is staggering.

On another subject: did you know we send hundreds of millions to Honduras each year? That’s one country I wasn’t aware we were aiding. Gosh, I wonder if everyone in the world would hate America if America stopped sending money to them. Probably citizens of all the countries don’t see the benefit of the money anyway! I don’t even know where we are getting the money-it’s surely NOT helping Americans right now.


So that’s it. Just a quick post. Hope your day was GREAT! Remember, no matter what you hear or see via the media (all media) – you ONLY have control over your RESPONSE to these scenarios…..and I’m not giving up a single “moment” of happiness to fear and worry! All we have are these moments. Use each one wisely and lovingly. Ple

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2 Responses to “Bernie Madoff and other stuff”

  1. Nish Says:

    Can’t understand where America benefits by throwing money all over the world. Am pretty sure the people of Honduras don’t benefit – it’s all just corruption…

    What do you think about America throwing so much money at Pakistan – which is almost a terrorist state? In the 80’s, they spent all that money boosting up Osama, and look where it got them now…

    I don’t think money is the only answer to solve international issues. Something more is required, the question is what?

  2. marsha o'brien Says:

    I am afraid the misconception around the world about “terrible Americans” is totally unwarranted. The “working class” Americans (now the working poor) REALLY have NOTHING TO DO with all this money going to corrupt governments corrupt politicians, corporations and banks. Though we “have the vote” we can’t change what is being done in Washington-not with elections-they too are run by the almighty dollar. It cost Obama and his grist a BILLION dollars to buy into the presidency through 24 hour a day media on television, travel, and all media sales pitches. It irritates the hell out of me that we send $250 million a MONTH to Pakistan! If I thought for one minute it would help the average citizen and families and children, I wouldn’t care where they sent it….but it doesn’t. Besides we are supposed to be trillions of dollars in debt. The sad scenario is that those with money rule the world and are in power, and power corrupts. As old Churchill said: “Power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely.” I think there are only two ways to solve all the issues. Either God and His end of time activities begin (which some think are happening) OR “THE PEOPLE of the world ALL TOGETHER revolt. The problem with that is that the governments have bigger and more powerful weapons to squash the people. So what I plan to do is stay positive, be a good influence in “my world”, and hope and pray for protection for the people of the world to overcome this mess. šŸ™‚ Thanks for taking time to share your thoughts! I appreciate it.

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