Today’s Tasty Tidbits

Did you know that these drugs are now considered dangerous if overdosed? They can kill.

Theraflu, Tylenol, Nyquil
BIG BROTHER RULES (only brother is the wrong description)
6.4 trillion dollars has been lost from American households in 6 months – There is no excuse for what is happening!

Heard a blurb on news and it was talking about the “traditional” family. Said traditionally both parents work. I call BS. That is
a lie. That so called tradition started when the prices soared some years back, and the wages didn’t!

Have you heard the term “the New Normal”? It means now that families need to get ready to have less and pay more. The new normal is NOT normal. It’s just what we are supposed to think, as presented by the media, that it’s okay – everybody is doing it.
I call BS again.

The State of California spends $250 million to “save salmon” each year. Yesterday I saw a news blurb that showed 5 men picking up the salmon and hand transferring them upstream about 100 feet – water too warm for them to do it.”

(But we are going bankrupt. Hmmm. wonder what happened to all the lottery money-sure didn’t go to the schools.)

A while back the only really nice open beach in N. California was closed to campers. No toilets, no fire pits, no nothing! Why? Because people were stepping on an endangered plant on the beach that’s why!


Good thing I teach stress management and relaxation, and REALLY live by the techniques…. otherwise I might throw up!

Think I’ll take a breath and get a drink of water. Let it go and it won’t consume you! Have a beautiful moment right now and SMILE. No reason – just feels better.

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2 Responses to “Today’s Tasty Tidbits”

  1. Light Says:

    Big Brother does rule!!

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Thanks! It’s so funny if you’ve read “1984” -Big Brother book – it REALLY does
    step side by side with what is happening today. All one needs to do is update it a bit. Sad scenario for the working class and the children.

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