Mr. Barack Hussien Obama and Michael Jackson’s Memorial

…………………. or have you made it a law yet that I have to call you “Mr. President”? Maybe is it still just a courtesy and sometimes reflects respect. I have a few comments to you for your recent comments about California.

Perhaps before speaking you had better talk to a lifetime California resident. This state is going down the toilet. Happy 4th of July. I know, when you smile and say something, and then break into that great big prize winning smile that captivates, sometimes the words that come out of your mouth just float right by people.

But to clarify, people are not moving to California because it is working towards being a “green” state. They move to California because it is one of the USA’s coastal states, and people love the beach. They move to California because it has the most diverse land and weather – and probably the best – in the USA. They move to California because Mexico is poor and California has paid illegal immigrants and provided for their children. They also can have children here who are then US citizens.

Why would people want to “keep pace” with California. We are going bankrupt paying medical, food stamps, and housing for indigents, mentally ill residents, and poor people. Also, clear to me, the politicians are screwing up – California, once a stable state, is going bankrupt WHY? What happened to the billions the lottery brought in, what happened to ALL the money?

Please – don’t say California has created new jobs by leaning towards “the green way”…..we have some of the highest unemployment rates in the USA, and our home foreclosures possibly one of the highest! The working class (formerly the middle class) is now known as the working poor, and WE ARE SICK OF IT! The middle class is vaporized.

So please, DON’T give any credit to the STATE of California or it’s politicians or it’s liberal environmental folks. State parks may be closing, prisoners are being let out of prison early, firefighters and police and sheriff staffs are being laid off, DMV cost has risen, state sales tax has gone up and we are in the middle of the biggest mess I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

I am a native Californian and I am NOT happy about it all. I am NOT alone. That’s only part of the mess. Taxpayers in California are apparently going to be stuck with a 2.5 million cost for “security” for Michael Jackson’s Memorial Service. What the hell! It should be paid by his estate!

I would move but I can’t sell my house because the market is flooded with bank owned homes, I can’t refinance because we used our savings to keep up with our bills while my husband was unemployed for seven months, and it’s going to take a LONG time before we can even catch up!

And on top of it all, the English, whom we fought to separate from are now making billions of dollars from American Idol and it sister shows. We fought to separate because we were being taxed to death!

But let’s just keep giving everyone else but the REAL people, the working class people, the money! Take more trips, have more banquets, pass out millions to other countries and keep smiling and lying. I see no promises kept, only government enlarging control and the worker ants being stomped upon. There is nothing new under the sun.

And if anyone reading this has a valid opinion with any backup to prove my statements wrong, I will read your opinions with an open mind. I am just stating what I know to be what I have seen over a lifetime, and what I see now – NOT what the media tells me!

Okay. What is so wonderful about blogging is I can voice my opinions, get it out, then let it go! I am going to have a great evening – you do the same 🙂

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4 Responses to “Mr. Barack Hussien Obama and Michael Jackson’s Memorial”

  1. Beverley Says:

    Interesting piece Marsha! Only thing is I thought I was reading about Australia – New South Wales in particular!!
    Seems it’s the same the western world over – don’t get me started.
    Bless you and glad you were able to have a good evening.

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    WOW – world wide! We’d best pray in double time for the children and the young adults! It’s sure a different world than the one I grew up in! 😦

    Nice to hear from you.

  3. katheen mary f. Says:

    I miss the stable feel of america but i am glad that the world sees how pathetic the rich and elite have made it. Rip micheal jackson i resent entertainers and politicians trying for the position of king and lords. Its just plain boring.

  4. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    I miss the stability of America too. I feel so badly for the children.
    It blows my mind that entertainers are paid so much money and then have an award season to reward themselves for being so good. I concur again – boring!

    Thanks for commenting.

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