Things I am really tired of today….

I am tired of our government “sharing” millions we DON’T have with so many other countries. Great. We are helping others, getting further in debt, have successfully evaporated the middle class, and things are getting worse…

How about fixing our some of the public needs? For instance, hundred year + old levees, sewers, bridges, waterlines, and tunnels. Let’s add dangerous old air transportation, subways and power grids. Huh? Huh?

I am also tired of US accepting every word the media sends us. You must know most media (whether radio, television, or the written word) is hogwash and bought and paid for by those “in charge”.

Now think about this: I am tired of Hollywood making movies that either send us subliminal messages of doom to come, or violent behaviors, or other crap. I am also tired of Hollywood paying unwarranted salaries to people, saturating our heads with how the actors (and that’s just what they are) are STARS and should be idolized, and then have various special presentations to give themselves awards! Duh. How stupid are we? Hummmm, maybe middle class stood for “mindless intellectual dopes dashing life endlessly!” No worries. The middle class is gone and now we are the working poor.

I am tired of politicians promising change. It’s all the same lies we’ve heard hundreds of times before. I am tired of politicians (when they get caught) – confessing their sins and then being forgiven. I say divorce the bastards.

I am tired of politicians taking trips and spending money on lavish dinners, celebrations and gathering. I am tired of providing their livelihood and security until they die!

I am tired of everyone saying, “Hey, buy a new car – we’ll give you $4,000. for your old one (if it gets less than 18 miles a gallon) – then you put out the rest of the money for it! I could sell the old clunker for more than that! Besides, where in the hell do all these idiots in charge think the commoner is going to get that money. Just a couple of days ago GM let go 22,000 more employees . With homes being lost, jobs being lost, and families breaking from the financial stress, where do these criminals think people are supposed to come up with the cash!

There. I have said my peace today. I now will let it go and return to the circle of my life. I will never let any of this steal my joy for more than a few minutes. I always have the choice to draw happiness no matter how many “problems” appear. My perception of life is what I make it! Try making those mental choices that will enhance your life no matter what challenges you face. You are not alone. I face challenges too, but I am not going to let them run me over!

CREATE a wonderful day for those in your circle of life. All this greed and money grabbing crap really doesn’t mean a thing. It comes and goes. Love, on the other hand can flourish no matter what if you just let it! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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