Mind Your “Posture”

When we think of posture, we think of how we stand. “Stand up straight now. Don’t slump over.” That is not the posture I to which I am referring. I am speaking of our stance, our reactions, the fists coming tightly together, or the arms reaching for a hug.

I’ve lived this posture for so long. There always is a posture for the warrior, and one for the quite subdued character of intelligence not often spoken about. A posture for the wind of winter and the heat of summer’s long and dry days. Each day and the day after the next and the day after that. The land is parched for a drink of water.

I remember a cool breath breeze biting my cheeks on a brisk fall morning the thoughts making me feel cooler than I’ve been for a while.

Snow and very cold wind. There is a posture that starts a fire within and that fire within is survival.

There is a posture humbled by life and our own “decision-making” lessons hard to rise above..

There is a posture that comes from the spirit within. Not one molded already. We are given a soul life and a body of our very own, to do with as we choose. Oh my God!

Speaking of God. Now there is a posture like none other. The moment you can feel your heart pounding with a feeling you’ve never known before. The moment a miracle happens and the ever changing earth we live on changes again, as does your vision of it and perception on life.

No more buying into anything other than loving. Love has many colors and rings a new symphony with every diverse plant, animal and human that coexists. I will not fall prey to the evil that seems to be spreading like a deadly virus. I will not pay attention to repeated fear and worry.

I am flying high again like I did so many nights in my dreams. My convictions are solid. My strength comes to me in clear thinking and my own true spirit within. I want to be a reflection of the love given to us all – simply by asking!

I had another epiphany a few days ago. It just electrified something in my brain and suddenly I knew something, that I had to live a lifetime to find out.

My Spirit is not my own. It belongs to my master. There is a posture I feel honored to do. I do not often enough kneel at my bed, clasp my hands, and drop my head. I begin to say thank you but there are no words I can say to express my love and gratitude for this opportunity of life.

The Kingdom of God comes from within if you just choose to let it blossom in your life. It is all your choice. Make haste to perceive your dreams and therein create them, and revel in these brief moments of time.

I think I like my posture now, so I am going to be grateful, stand up straight, and take a breath!

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