Great Quotes and Tips for the Day

The book is “Keep Going” – the Art of Perseverance by Joseph M. Marshall (Lakota)

“Remember anything that causes a shadow is smaller than the source of light.”

“Facing life does not guarantee success, but giving in to fear and turning away from it does guarantee failure.”

“How we face a storm is important, but so is the fact we simply try to endure it.”

“Strength is the child of effort and pain.”
Tips for the Day
1. If you are in the middle of divorce or a broken relationship, dwell on WHY it is ending and not what brought you together initially. Love can change and you need to acknowledge it if it has.
There is no shame in being honest! Remember, life changes can bring a new beginning, a new life to CHOOSE to build. You are the author of your life.
2. If you are unhappy, fearful, or bored, ONLY YOU can change those things! If you don’t the clock will keep ticking and life will keep moving forward, and you will stay unhappy, fearful, or bored!
3. It will bring you joy to tell someone you love them, or hug someone, or smile at a stranger.
Even if they don’t smile back, you can silently bless them as they probably desperately need a blessing.
4. Be YOURSELF. The way you are is the best of you. Bring your sense of humor back. Find joy.
Remember this is YOUR LIFE!

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2 Responses to “Great Quotes and Tips for the Day”

  1. Casper Says:

    Beautiful quotes and great tips =)

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Thanks so much. The little book was full of such wonderful quotations.
    Have a beautiful day!

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