The REAL TRUTH about getting older

Sometimes it sucks! Sometimes it is better than ever expected. They balance well.

The truth is “elderly” is an ugly word. I know why.

It’s like you are on your last leg and by gosh, you are!

I’ll tell it like it really is.

I finally learned to tie a French braid,

but can’t remember why I went from one room to another.

My body looks really pretty hot. From a distance and in the dark.

My mind is sharp as a tack and I have ideas moving at a rapid pace,

but there are so many ideas that by the time the last one manifests, I’ve forgotten the others.

The most wonderful thing is you actually give “it” to God and you really know how to let some things

go because it’s the best choice. Living in the moment, but not carelessly is another plus.

There are several more benefits to aging:

You aren’t dead yet.

Your house doesn’t look as dusty as it used to, because your eyes aren’t very good anymore.

You don’t worry about people talking about you from across the room.
Your hearing is so bad you can’t hear them talking anymore so you just wave and smile and with
surprised looks, they wave and smile back.
You are capable of scooping up poop with your bare hand because your puppy just did his business on your friend’s new carpet. The drawback? Your friends look at you like your nuts and you wonder if it was worth the trouble. It was. You know it was courageous and kind to do that! 🙂

At “this stage of the game” you can pretty much do and say what you want to anyone.

There are many more reasons why getting older is wonderful. I just can’t remember them now. ☺

One Response to “The REAL TRUTH about getting older”

  1. Heni Says:

    getting older happened to everybody….just enjoy with our life, that’s beautiful can getting older, don’t we ?
    great news…hope you can make another news about social….

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