More on the butterfly – and something that may save a life!

I had a couple of photos on my phone so thought I’d add them to yesterday’s photo. The first is just a different view. 2nd-butterfly The second (I know it’s blurry) – is one that I think deserves a smile. butterfly-on-the-move I have a digital camera with nothing special on it for “moving” things – I’m pretty fast to catch a butterfly on the move, eh?

Now to the SERIOUS stuff: take a moment and go to The article is on ROAD RAGE and it’s very important to take a read before traveling on this holiday weekend. Even if you aren’t traveling-this information is important to anyone who drives or is even a passenger in a car! Take a minute and maybe save a life. Who knows, it could be yours!

Have a wonderful weekend and ENJOY-ENJOY-ENJOY!

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