My sis sent me a photo of the Huntington Beach Pier, in Long Beach, California, many years ago. The pier long since burned and was rebuilt. She sent this with it and I thought it pertinent and lovely: “The pier has changed. The town has changed. But the ocean is still an awesome sight. Without words it says loud and clear, I am a witness to the fact I was created! Check me out.” Then she wrote, ” I’ve changed, but inside the love of the ocean remains the same. How about you?”

I thought about it. I too have changed, but some things never change. My love for the ocean, the stars, the moon in the still of the night, the sound of birds singing praise to the morning sun, and the laughter of a baby. There are still some awesome and wonderful things to revel in on this planet, moment by moment.
One goal we can all try to attain is to make the world a better place because of our own presence. Do something kind tomorrow. Love today.
If you don’t burn the candle you’ll never see the light.
Heal your body and you heal your mind.
Heal your mind and you heal your body.
Keep hope alive.
Lighten up. Take a breath and let your mind relax. Become the fun you are seeking in your life.
Love to you from a perfect stranger (well I’m not perfect, but for sure I can’t get any stranger!)
Laughter is healing.


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2 Responses to “Thoughts!”

  1. Kilauea Poetry Says: nice! Wonder why it was burned and when?..anyway, I like this.
    I can’t say I have something written for every special time that stands out but Huntington Beach does and so I’m leaving a link to what I captured from my early childhood at this particular beach. Maybe you could post that picture of the Pier? Have a great day..

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    I WILL post that information and photo probably tomorrow – if I can remember that special place I put the photo!

    Every day is spectacular to me. I tried being miserable and it sucked so I gave it up! Every moment is precious. You have a great day too. Signing out for the day, I am.

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