Try these on for size! – I think this is an excellent place to go and quite varied and current in content!
Nice “set up” too. Looks good and easy to read!
——————— – One I was just turned on to, and I like it alot!
This is an old favorite of mine.
It’s mine! Of course I like it!
Started another too of mostly photography – check it out if you like all kinds of photography. 🙂
Lastly, if you know a woman you need to buy a gift for – check out my book at (go to search and type in marsha obrien) – it’s 300 pages of good stuff, I promise! IF SHE (mother, girlfriend, sister, peer, neighbor, grandma, etc) doesn’t like it, I’ll be surprised. GREAT feedback to date!

So many great blogs to read – so much to write – so little time!
ENJOY EACH MOMENT of your life. I’d be outside but it’s just too hot!

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