Just for fun

I have a mind to relax. I need to and so I hope you will with me. Please relax with me. This is what I do professionally. This is what I do personally, and that is why I am the Human Happy Face.

Please, take a deep breath. Slowly inhale and think of the oxygen helping every single part of your body and mind and spirit. It will. Exhale and let negative garbage fly out the fingertips.

Let’s do it again…slowly, inhale. Slowly exhale. No matter what has happened or what fearful event you THINK you face, remember: 90 % of what you worry about NEVER HAPPENS, and there is NOTHING you cannot face if you use your naturally given gifts:
Pray. (to whomever you are grateful for your life – and if you aren’t you aren’t as bright as I thought!).
Breathe. Stretch and think how wonderful it is to be alive.

Really – stop for a moment and think of good things alive in your life. If there aren’t any – make a promise to breathe and sleep good and seek your dreams in the morning.

Love to you!

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