Huntington Beach Pier

I did some research and what is surprising is that in the history of the Huntington Beach Pier, there is no mention of a fire.

“History of the Huntington Beach Pier. Huntington Beach Pier is one of Huntington Beach’s focal points. The first pier, a 1,000 foot. long timber structure, was built in 1904, five years before the City of Huntington Beach was incorporated. In 1912, winter storms nearly destroyed the pier, and a $70,000 bond issue was approved by the voters to build a new pier. The 1,350 ft. pier was the longest, highest, and only solid concrete pleasure pier in the United States at that time.
In 1930, the pier was lengthened by 500 ft. with a café at the end. In 1939, a storm destroyed the end of the pier and the cafe. After reconstruction, it was re-opened in 1940. In 1941, the Navy commandeered the pier for submarine watch during World War II.

In March of 1983, storms severely damaged the end of the pier and the End of the Pier cafe, necessitating demolition and closure of the end of the pier. In September 1985, the rehabilitated pier reopened with a new two story End Cafe, only to be washed away again on January 17, 1988. The pier was declared unsafe and closed on July 12, 1988. In July 1990, the construction bid for the new pier was given to Reidel International. The new pier replicated the historic architectural style of the original 1914 concrete pier, complete with arched bents. The pier was built to withstand not only wave impact and uplift, but also earthquakes.”

I did notice that there is an interruption of history between World War II and 1983…..the fire my sister mentioned was during that time period. I also know that “history” is not always reported correctly. DUH Marsha.

Did you know when my oldest son was two and I remarried, my husband adopted him, and guess what? They changed my son’s BIRTH CERTIFICATE to show my new husband was the natural father. I thought that was just wrong – I still do.

It’s 6:45 AM and my puppy and I are headed out for our morning walk! Have a beautiful day!

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7 Responses to “Huntington Beach Pier”

  1. Kilauea Poetry Says:

    This is an awesome photo with the information you posted by the way- My dad was born in 1916..his birthday’s this month..

  2. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    How’s this for irony – my dad was born in 1916 and his birthday was this month!
    He was killed by a surgeon who now operates in Canada – though mama made sure he couldn’t kill anyone in states, he just slipped across the border!

  3. Kilauea Poetry Says:

    Woe..oh my gosh..I just read your reply! Amazing but tragic. When did this happen?

  4. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    A long while ago. He died in 1986. He had two exploratory surgeries in our small mountain community by a visiting QUACK. We got him flown to Loma Linda Hospital as fast as we could..but after hours in surgery the doctor and nurse came out and told my mother, “They’ve cut him into hamburger. We have to let him die.”
    Of course her mission was to make sure he never did this to anyone again. We
    didn’t know he could practice in another country!

  5. Kilauea Poetry Says:

    That’s just messed up! I’m sorry. I too had a bad experience that took place back in 1981..but to think this guy can still practice..they jump around like a child molester.
    Somehow, when we’re told “seniors need their med’s”..or you have to be on insurance (granted the whole thing is a mess right now)..but wait..why is the FDA putting a stop to every conceivable natural herbal or otherwise remedy; when they concoct unnatural horrendous chemicals in labs and dole them out. With every add they make’s a joke! A list as long as your arm about the side effects- Oh, but that’s ok? Insidious..every natural alternative has to have their crazy stamp of approval. Most just have the FDA’s (hasn’t approved it)? Hey, check this out (I’d saved it)
    I shudder when I read the news and all the changes. Honestly, if the media can keep everyone focused on past BS..a (Victim mentality)..My rights and of course playing the race card- then these guys can both be about their business- deconstructing America into a Marxist society and at the same time stifle free speech i.e., work on getting hate crime laws put in effect and so forth! Did we deserve all this (ya, if we think everything is the governments fault)! I say that, cause many want them to fix everything besides wanting all the freebies- but don’t want to take responsibility cause that simply means work. If those teachers at your local school system want to fill your kiddies noggins with a bunch of crap..why in the hell are these parents turning them over to them?? The window is closing as far as being able to stand up to them. My after cup of coffee rant! Sorry-

  6. Bill Goldmann Says:

    The Huntington Beach pier never had a fire. Your previous article refers to a fire on the Long Beach pier.

  7. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Do you live in Huntington Beach? My mom graduated from HB High School – lived there in the “30′”s, and I lived there years later. My former husband worked as a lifeguard at the pier…. Perhaps my information is incorrect – I’ll see if I can muster up any information, and if I was wrong – I apologize. Never want to post anything that’s not correct. I’ll let you know what I find out.

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