Sudden thoughts that took a lifetime!

Clearly there are some things in my past, if I had the choice, I would not do again.

Ah, but it’s all a point of learning, and opportunity to fly.
The discovery of spirit verses self, the discovery of power on high.

I love where I am and who my husband and children and grandchildren are becoming.
I love my family and friends, and to date, I truly have no rage towards anyone, not now.

The “secret” cannot become apparent until it’s almost too late.
But I say, it’s never too late.

It’s not to late to see a full moon,
or the sun dipping behind the earth as our planet moves in symphony with the solar system.

If we could just hear the symphony, of the reason for us to be,
Our worry would fly like the little bird in the tree.

Look around and see magnificence.
The bend in an old wooden fence that would fall if a breath of air moved.

The leaves turning yellow and read on the trees
Then floating softly to the ground

The old woman who walks her two dogs with her walker in hand
She is the picture of tenacity, strength and endurance.
Though some would see her and fragile and weak
She is beautiful to me.

The drudgery of the work of life, the possibilities of coming events
It’s still thrilling to me
I love being alive.
I am still a work in progress.

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