Waste time?

Certainly. I know people who are “killing time” before they die. I hate wasting time.
Time is precious. LIfe is precious.

You my God, can it be happening? I read the signs and feel the poison in the air.

It is too intense. The sun lays directly on the horizon. I have forgotten to think.
I am scattered upon the earth trying to absorb the rays that penetrate me and throngs of the human kind, as long as change is time reverberates sandy nights, wind pushing my hair behind my cheeks and when the wind subsides, falling gently upon my shoulders and back. The wind filling my lungs with oxygen and need I say more. . I love you.
I love you Creator and Sacrificing Son who willing to face defilement for no other reason than love….

I will not question why. I will submit to love. How easy is this that is all that is asked?


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3 Responses to “Waste time?”

  1. Kilauea Poetry Says:

    This was beautiful-

  2. Aleisha Says:

    That was very lovely written.

  3. Marsha J. O'Brien Says:

    Thank you so very much. The heart spoke. 🙂

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