A “Mini Break”

Stop for a moment and sit back in your chair. Take one of those deep breaths in through the nose, and exhale from the mouth. Do it a few times. Remember: when stress enters we slow our breathing down – almost stop when we are angry! As you breathe think “I am relaxing myself, slowing my heart rate, lowering my blood pressure, maintaining optimum oxygen so I can think better, and giving myself and the only place I have to live (my body) – a few moments of regeneration!”

Believe me – it will do all those things for you. After a few breaths, stretch your arms up in the air, blink your eyes several times, wiggle your toes and if you need to take a bathroom break – don’t put it off! Do it now. The walk will do you good anyway and get that oxygen moving through the body again.

NO STRESS is worth your life! It will all work out somehow. Don’t add to your problems by stressssssssssing out!

If you need some daily help managing stress check out my website: http://www.stressmanagementmagic.com

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